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10 Basics for Beginners to Learn About Acoustic Guitar

Research shows that guitarists’ brains work a little bit differently than everyone else’s. Some people think this is a sneaky reference to the weird genius of some masters. On the other hand, there is some evidence here about how the body works. Learning how to play chords and compose music is an art that opens up new neural pathways. Basically, a guitarist does change the way their brain works in a good way, which has many benefits for their brain. Parents of kids with ADHD sometimes tell them to pick up an instrument to help them channel their energy into something creative and positive. Better motivation and discipline will help you focus on this new skill and get better at it. This hobby also helps people remember things better. This is just a small part of what playing the guitar can do for you.

This article will tell you about acoustic guitar lessons for beginners and the best place in Singapore to take acoustic guitar lessons.

Why an acoustic guitar? Here are some reasons why you might want to start with the guitar as your first instrument:

  1. Your first instrument will cost a little less.
  2. You’ll have less stuff to carry around.
  3. You don’t have to worry so much about the technical stuff.
  4. You will think about the basics.
  5. If you want to sing or write songs, it will be easy for people to hear you.

10 basic lessons for learning to play the acoustic guitar:

Good sufficient quality:

If you have a bad guitar, it will slow your progress. Taking guitar lessons is easier if you buy a good guitar. Acoustic guitars that aren’t made well are hard to play and may lead to bad technique. If you buy a good, honest acoustic, you’ll sound great.

It’s important to tune:

When you play guitar, it is SO important to learn how to tune your instrument. This could be the first thing you learn to do on the guitar. Everything you play on your guitar will sound bad if it is out of tune. Don’t let a simple mistake keep you from getting better as a guitarist. Learn how to tune up your guitar.

Here are some rules about how to hold the pick:

Straight down on the guitar, point the pick.

Make sure you have a good hold.

Make sure you have a good hold on it.

Put your forearm on the guitar to feel safe and comfortable.


Everyone who plays the guitar learns how to strum, which is just playing multiple strings with one down or up motion. Even though this move looks easy, it takes time for a beginner to figure out how to do it. Because of how the hand wants to move, the upstroke is especially hard. Beginners often have trouble playing cleanly on all the strings. Later, they have trouble playing just a few strings. It takes some time.

Have a good posture:

One of the most important things you’ll learn about the guitar is that having good posture is the fastest and easiest way to learn. Even though posture is not the most exciting part of playing the guitar, it is important to know if you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar.

Learn the scales for the guitar:

The Pentatonic Minor Scale

A scale with five notes per octave could be a pentatonic scale. The minor gapped scale is often the first scale that guitarists learn to solo with. It is used a lot in rock, blues, and other popular styles to make solos.

Blues Scale:

Once you know the minor gapped scale, it should be easy to figure out the blues scale, which is the same but has one more note.

The Scale of the Natural Minor

In rock and popular music, the natural minor diatonic scale is used a lot. The chords made from the natural minor diatonic scale are the most popular chords in popular chord progressions. They are also used to make solos.

Major Scale

The major scale is used a lot in many different ways. Chord progressions are often made with the chords that come from the main scale, and there is a lot of theory about how to make harmonies with this scale.

The key of Dorian

Most of the time, the natural minor diatonic scale is used to play solos over minor chord progressions in rock and other popular styles.

Planning and keeping track of time:

Set aside time to practice the guitar to learn how to better use your time. Learning to play the guitar is also a good way to teach people how to stick to a schedule. Even if you only practise for 20 minutes a day, you can see big changes. If you’re really interested in finding out, 20 minutes is nothing.

Find out how to use picks:

We usually suggest starting with a regular, medium-sized pick. First, get a pity that pick, and then decide if you want to travel with a special pick based on your own preferences. We like a thicker pick, but you should try different things to see what works best for you.

How you hold your pick depends on how you like to hold it. Start by putting your thumb on the pick and bringing your finger down on the pick. Depending on what feels good to you, your fingers may be bent in or straight, but it doesn’t matter as long as your pick grip is comfortable.

First, learn the easy chords:

Is that the first chord you should learn on the guitar? It’s one of the most important basic guitar chords, not just because it’s easy but also because it’s used in a lot of songs. The small m after the E stands for “minor.” Think of minor as a kind of sound.

Guitar Posture: Not every guitarist is aware of or cares about the right way to hold a guitar. That’s because bad posture and bad habits won’t lead to injuries right away. To play well and correctly, you also need to learn how to place your hands in an honest way. Every little thing makes a world of difference.

How much do guitar lessons on an acoustic guitar cost in Singapore?

The price for each person is less in group classes than in one-on-one lessons. The average price for guitar class for each student is between $35 and $60 per lesson. The total cost per guitar student per month can be between $260 and $300.

Choose teachers with experience:

Professional guitar tutoring services have teachers who have been trained by the MOE and the NIE and know each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The course or goal plan that they give is based on what the student needs. So, it is strongly suggested that you never stray from the action plan.

How come Cristofori?

The best place in Singapore to learn how to play the acoustic guitar is at Cristofori. Over the years, we stayed true to our belief that we should make good musical instruments and sell them at fair prices. Also, we treat all of our customers like they are our best friends. At CRISTOFORI, we’ve made the whole Person educational approach, which focuses on three things: academic skills, learning skills, and being aware of the training process itself. In other words, we teach our students not to be spoon-fed and to look for information on their own. They learn how to focus, how to learn, and how to put information together in a way that makes sense. So, students will learn how to analyse, focus, and think about things in an abstract way.

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