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12 Affordable Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Many of us consider our bedroom one of the most private and personal spaces in our home — a place where you can relax, sleep and do things without the interruption of anyone. In short, this room is your haven away from the noisy and chaotic world outside. That is why our bedroom merits much-needed attention and a timely upgrade. 

But sometimes, upgrading our bedroom can come with a hefty price. Lucky for you, there are several tricks to do this without spending too much. Here in this article, we have compiled the not-so-expensive tricks to make your room look expensive. From having bedroom ceiling lights to using a tray to trick your eyes, here is a list of inexpensive tricks to make your bedroom luxurious.

1. Style and Organize Your Nightstand

Never let your nightstand devolve into a piece of junk at your bedside where you leave a half-filled glass of water, unfinished books, empty cans of drinks, and charging chords. Try reorganizing things and use the storage of your nightstand for storing items that you do not need as of now.

You can also add creative art beside your table lamp to make your bedside table look luxurious. Remember that the nightstand must be clear from other items except for things you might use during the night. Having an organized and free-from-clutter nightstand can boost the look of your bedroom without spending cash.

2. Overfill Your Throw Pillow

An overfilled pillow is a must if you want to make your room looks like a luxurious suite, just like in 5-star hotels. Overstuffing your throw cushions can make them look high-end and expensive. This pillow can transform your ordinary sleeping quarters into a majestic sleeping place, just like the royals do. And besides being an eye-magnet in your bedroom, a throw pillow can help you have a good night’s sleep by assisting your head and neck aligned while you are in a faraway land in your dreams.

3. Incorporate a Rug

Never underestimate the power of a rug to change your room. It has a unique way of binding together different elements in one place. Good-looking rugs can have an enormous impact on your space and can be the focal point of your bedroom. And the best way to do this is by creating a contrast of hues in your room.

Rugs can add layers and depth to a room while solidifying the furniture layout. And if you don’t have it in your bedroom today, we suggest that you must get one now, a cheap and effective way to bring warmth to your little bedroom.

4. Upgrade Your Mirror

If you still have a plain mirror, now is the time to upgrade it. For many reasons, a mirror is an essential item that every bedroom must have. But more than its obvious and practical use, having a curvy or antique-inspired brass mirror can make your room look grand and more beautiful. It can also brighten up the room and visually increase the bedroom size because of the reflection.

But sometimes, a mirror can be expensive. So if you want a much more affordable price for a mirror, you can start looking at a garage sale or some flea markets in your area. You can also look in the online store for cheaper value mirrors without compromising is style.

5. Display an Art Piece

Adding some style to your bedroom can increase the beauty and feels of your place. And one way to do this is by displaying some art. Whether it’s painting, sculpture, or a product of multimedia art, this artwork can bring a vast and powerful aura to your bedroom. They can provide color and enhance the color palette of your bedroom. It also brings balance and texture to the place.

But getting a piece of art made by a well-known artist might be pretty costly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have artwork at your home. You can opt to go to some local artist in your community and have a much cheaper work of art while supporting the local artist community. You can also bring out the inner artist in yourself by making it by yourself. You only need your imagination here, though.

6. Add Hanging Light Fixtures

Another way to make your bedroom look expensive is by adding more lights. An ordinary light bulb is good, but if you want to add style and lush feels, opt for a chandelier, and you won’t regret it.  These lights can add more liveliness to your bedroom, making it cozy, relaxing, and comfortable.

But without the proper lighting in your bedroom, artwork and other focal points of your bedroom will surely be unnoticed. Do not worry because some other bedroom ceiling lights are much cheaper yet classy enough to make your bedroom look good and expensive.

7. Add Greenery

Of course, adding greenery is on our list. And this might be the most common yet easiest and quickest way to upgrade your ordinary room into an elegant luxury suite. Bedroom plants can also make your bedroom interior brighter and livelier. They can also boost your mood and reduce your stress without doing anything. And lastly, it acts as a natural air purifier that filters air pollutants in our bedroom.

8. Put a Tray

You might be asking why a tray belongs to this list. But adding a beautiful tray to your dresser top or nightstand can make a difference to your bedroom. You can use it to hold jewelry, perfume bottles, scented candles, or fill it with trinkets.

You don’t need an expensive tray, even an ordinary yet beautiful tray, and spraying it with gold or silver metallic paint will do. One of the easiest and cheaper ways to make your bedroom incredibly great.

9. Raise the Curtains

Having a curtain in your bedroom does not only give you privacy in your room, but it also serves as home decor. But slightly raising your curtain to the ceiling can also boost the overall look of your bedroom. It can make your room feel bigger and loftier and make your windows looks larger. Hotels with luxurious rooms do this trick to make their suites look expensive without spending too much. You can try this too, and you will see the difference.

10. Add a Stylish Seat

If you still have a little unused space in your bedroom, consider having a bench or an accent chair. It will not only give you a place to sit and read some books, but it can also give some extra and temporary place to put some other things like your clothes.

But more than that, from the aesthetic perspective, this trick can add an elegant and classy look making your bedroom a 5-star hotel in no time. It offers a notable and unique design element in your room. Just add an extra stand lamp and let it glam up your bedroom.

11. Upgrade Your Hardware

Upgrading your outdated hardware inside your bedroom can bring a fresh vibe inside your bedroom. A new dresser or nightstand can refresh the whole bedroom, just like a luxurious necklace can level up a plain outfit. But if you can’t still afford to upgrade a piece of hardware, upgrading its handles or repainting your old hardware can still do much, a cheaper and easy way to bring freshness to your hardware and your bedroom.

12. Keep Your Room Free From Clutters

Lastly, even if you follow all the lists above but can’t still figure out how to manage your clutters, there is a big chance that you might fail in achieving your goals. Remember that having a cluttered bedroom will never make it look expensive, but on the contrary, it will make it look messy, chaotic, and unorganized. 

Getting rid of things that are not necessary while putting the most used items in their proper storage and place will give your room a pleasant view. Maintaining your bedroom clean and orderly is a must to keep its beauty shining at any time of the day.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your bedroom look like a luxurious suite in some glossy pages of an interior design magazine, doing so is still possible without spending too much dime. And with the list above, we hope you can use these tricks and achieve your goal of having an elegant and classy bedroom that everyone loves to have. So ready yourself and start the upgrade that your bedroom barely needs. You may visit for more furniture and bedroom pieces.

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