The wall may look very beautiful but do you know a very beautiful and best way to do this?This is none other than a wall tapestry.This is a unique way to decorate your walls.Though the market is full of various decorative elements, nothing can be as stunning as a wall tapestry.You can hang it on the living room,bedroom,ceiling or any secondary wall of the house and give it a royal or luxurious touch.Wall tapestries are available in many different patterns,designs and colors,making the choice more difficult.If you are looking for such a wall tapestry,remember to always choose it in a bright colour,the color that will complement the walls.So,there five varieties of wall tapestries that can be used as the ideal wall decoration.


The mandala pattern is inspired by the spiritual symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism.It’s a beautiful way of representing the universe.This type of mandala is one of the most favorite mandalas ever.Mandala as a decoration, adds positivity to the house.In addition,it is found in many different types of patterns and colors.You can choose according to your needs and add drama to your boring room.There are many more tapestries available in the market but these are the most popular. You can choose from them and style your home as you wish. 

Choose according to your budget.Tapestries are available in many different price options. So,always try to get the best in your budget.It will help you to save your money and beautify your home.

Me Choose whether you want to get it from online store or offline store: It is available in both offline and online store. If you can’t trust the online sellers then try visiting the market and pick it up for yourself.

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns: Try to get the best colors and patterns by paying the lowest price. Also,don’t forget to match it with the color of your wall.



 Hippie means a crazy pattern.Hippie tapestries are a fun way to convey the luxury of a home.This is a great way to add a happy print to a boring wall.These wall tapestries are available in cool colors and styles.You can choose the best marching hippie tapestry according to your style and wall texture.


Another beautiful tapestry design is the ombre floral.It is a great combination of bohemian and hippie look that instantly compliments your home décor.You can use it to hang on the outside of your main door,as a bedspread,tablecloth,ceiling cover,and curtain.It will give a refreshing atmosphere to the boring part of your home.You can choose to have your ombre floral wall tapestry in any shape or design.


 If you want to add a pristine ambiance to your home then you can go for Sun Moon Tapestry.This is one of the most vibrant tapestries that compliment any type of room décor. The Sun and Moon pattern also adds positivity to your home.If you want to add beauty to your home, then you can decorate your house with this tapestry pattern.It will look like you have more room to increase the width.


Then,if you are looking for something bohemian and beautiful then you can go for an elephant wall tapestry.Nothing is as innovative as an elephant tapestry.It attracts a lot of attention because of its Rajasthan theme.This tapestry can make a colorful impact on any boring wall.Also,many people go for this style as they feel that it makes a pleasant impression on the visitors of the house.


This is one of the most popular designs ever.This style comes in tie dye and batik prints in various colors that match your interiors.It comes in different sizes that vary from small to large depending on what you want to buy.


Choose from authentic ethnic printed cotton tapestries in luxury designs.This Peacock Mandala Tapestry is a gorgeous traditional pattern that is perfect for home décor and comes in gorgeous ethnic colours.


This is another intricately designed hippie wall hanging which is a traditional print on cotton fabric.Each piece is unique and eye-catching and worth a try.


Bring Lord Ganesha to your home by printing royal luxury tapestry with Lord Ganesha. You can choose the color of your choice. Hang this style in your lobby or in your living area for a positive atmosphere in your home.


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