5 Laminate Wardrobes Accents That Add Elegance

The bedroom décor is incomplete without a trendy wardrobe in it. It does not just add to the room’s storage capacity but also uplifts its feel and aesthetics. While designing your bedroom, you make great efforts to choose the right colour and material to surface and furnish walls, furniture, and flooring. Stones, marbles, ceramics, and wood are the materials that do not always fit every budget. And this has made many switch to a more affordable and versatile alternative, such as decorative laminate sheets.

Laminate sheets are fast becoming a popular material for wardrobe designs. They are durable, eye-catchy, economical, and easy to clean and maintain. Other features include anti-bacterial properties, heat resistance, long-lasting shine, and easy installation. If you are looking for ways to design your wardrobe within budgetary constraints, it is advisable to explore a laminate catalogue.

Laminate sheets offer endless possibilities for wardrobe designs. In this blog, we will unleash five laminate wardrobe accents that will add elegance to your bedroom. But first, let us look at a few laminate types you can choose for your wardrobe makeover.

  • Textured laminates

Textured laminates can mimic natural surfaces like Nappa, leather, raw silk, wood, etc. As they are more prone to catch dirt and dust due to textured patterns, choosing them for your closet will require you to perform routine cleaning, maybe once a month.

  • High-gloss laminates

High-gloss laminates, as the name implies, have a glossy and reflective surface. They can add elegance to any décor, but smudges and fingerprints are easily visible on these laminate sheets.

  • Acrylic laminates

Acrylic laminates are one of the choicest types for contemporary wardrobe designs. They have a shiny surface and premium look to add to the beauty and class of the bedroom.

  • High-pressure laminates

Another option in the laminate catalogue for wardrobe design could be high-pressure laminates. They are more durable and resistant to scratches, heat, and wear and tear. Choosing them over others will give your closet a longer life.

Modern laminate wardrobes design patterns

  1. Give your bedroom a bold look with a red and white wardrobe accent

A red and white combination can cast a spell, taking the room décor a notch higher. Whether you have a hinged-door, free-sliding door, or mirror wardrobe, this colour scheme can apply to all, but then you have to be selective about the other decor elements, such as the bed, furniture, wall colour, and flooring pattern, in the room. You may pair this wardrobe design with grey walls and red furniture to make your space look even brighter.

  1. Highlight borders to make your closet a centrepiece

Outlining the edges of your wardrobe with contrasting colours, whether light or dark, could be a great way to grab attention. It would look gracious and compliment the overall feel of the bedroom. With this design, colours could be of your choice, but then they must be in sync with the bed, wall panels, floor, and ceiling. You can choose any two colours, either matching or contrasting each other. For this design, some possible combinations could be grey-white, blue-white, red-black, lemon-green, pink-white, and wood-white. These colours are easily available in most laminate catalogues.

  1. Opt for dual coloured wardrobe designs to leave a style statement

If you want to add uniqueness and exclusivity to your bedroom interiors, dual-coloured wardrobe designs will be a great choice. While selecting laminate sheets, make sure both colours together create inspiring effects. You may choose light tones for a cosy ambiance. However, if glamour is what you want to add to your room, darker tones are what you should look for. As you can use two colours in a way that creates certain patterns or themes, this laminate design does not set any limits to your creativity. Remember that this design is more suitable for spacious rooms.

  1. Make your bedroom look extravagant with a glossy wardrobe design

A glossy modern wardrobe design is a good fit for bedrooms requiring a luxurious and glamorous feel. High-gloss and acrylic laminate sheets are on the market to help you transform the look of your wardrobes, cupboards, or closets. These laminate sheets remain in great demand for contemporary wardrobe designs. Since they have a reflective, shiny surface, installing a few extra lights in the room is advisable. It will elevate the overall look and feel of the room.

  1. Try a personalised wardrobe laminate design

With laminate wardrobe designs, you can go any creative. If you have any design idea popping up in your mind, decorative laminate sheets can make it real. For such a project, you have custom-printed laminate sheets in the market to give your wardrobe and bedroom a touch of personalisation. A personalized wardrobe design will allow you to express your creativity and add elegance to the space Read More

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