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6 Tips to Ensure Success of Your Cell Phone Repair Business

In today’s day and age, almost everyone owns a cell phone. Owing to the sensitive technological advancements utilized in the development of these devices, smartphones are more prone to malfunctions. At times, there are only hardware issues like a broken screen or speaker.

This means that the problems you fix using your repair shop POS software are never-ending. But there is more to this to make your business successful. In case you’re wondering what these are, go ahead and read these amazing tips to help you do so.

Premium Location

The location of your repair store is an important factor to determine the success of your business. When launching your own repair store, having a premium location offers the visibility your store needs but these locations get pretty expensive for new shop owners.

Make sure that you select a location with easy accessibility to your shop. For instance, if you’re browsing for shops in malls, select the one that offers visibility.

Avoid shops on floors with less footfall. Maintain tracking customer influx using your cell phone repair store software.

When looking for office spaces in commercial centers, keep an eye out for the ones directly accessible to residential and office going people.

Lastly, if you offer pick and drop facilities, ensure its feasibility for your business operations.

The best location that you can choose for your repair shop must be economical and spacious. Your shop must be able to cater the maximum number of people.

Hire Skilled Technicians

Having skilled and trustworthy employees can literally turn your business around. Such employees are important for you to park tasks with them without having to worry about delivery.

Another benefit of having skilled employees is timely delivery. Check your POS Software to find out the best performers and those with the most tickets closed.

The fact that repairing skills need evolving to stay at par with the growing advancements in cell phone technology.

However, finding the right skilled personnel is a challenge itself. Offer benefits to retain employees your business cherishes the most. This way they’ll not become part of the job hopping bandwagon.

To avoid landing your business in hot waters, balance the hiring ratio of senior and junior technicians.

Also, remember to quickly upskill and groom your junior technicians to handle tough and complicated repair tasks as well. You can track their performance using your cell phone repair store software.

While hiring expert technicians adds value to your repair shop, it’ll also increase the overall productivity and accurate closing of tickets faster.

Easy Availability of Spare Parts

The availability of spare parts in your repair shop is crucial as it ensures quick service and timely delivery.

This timeliness only becomes possible if spare parts are readily available in your inventory. If not, you will not be able to fix a device and the delivery will get delayed.

Resolve these totally avoidable delays by sourcing spare parts sooner. And keep a minimum threshold in your inventory that needs to be maintained. Your Repair Shop POS Software can help with this.

Make sure you list down all the reliable spare parts vendors in your locality. This way, you’d avoid any parts shortages, but if you stock more than what you need, spare parts prices frequently drop.

You also need to make sure that your vendors are not overcharging you. That’s why keep a few on the panel, whenever looking for estimates or parts quotations.

Customer Experience >> Profit Margins

Now that you have selected the perfect office space and a strong team for your repair business, you need customers to start generating revenue.

Many repair shop owners start with higher profit margins for all their services and parts. This is a very bad practice. Adjust your cell phone repair store software to limit your profit margins.

Initially, you need to focus on creating a solid customer base. Having a large customer base is always more profitable than a few high paying customers.

Needless to say, your customers are well aware of the ongoing prices for repairs and services, keep this in mind especially when you start charging extra!

Have a larger focus on expediting amazing services to enhance your customer experience. Quick and timely delivery of repair tickets is very powerful when generating a positive customer experience.

Now you’d ask why focus more on customer experience than profits. Well, the most precise answer to this is that you can upsell more to your happy customers. When already charging more, you leave no room for an upsell of any additional service.

Quick fixes

Owing to the importance of cellphone usage, holding onto someone’s device for long is not advisable. It will hold a negative impact on the customer. Whereas, if you timely fix an issue and timely return the device, your customers are going to be ecstatic.

The reason for this is the crucial data inside which is difficult to substitute with a temporary phone.

To help grow your business and get a good reputation, become very resourceful in providing quick repair services.

Automation is the Future

If you want a reflection of professional status for your business, automating your operations is necessary.

You can find several off-the-shelf POS software for your business. Be mindful of what each can offer, and what you’re actually looking for.

Having a cell phone repair shop POS software ensures that you have all the correct automation of operations.

These can include the management of inventory, repair tasks statuses, profits and losses, and many more.

Some systems also include automated text messages/emails to customers to inform them about the progress of their repair job.

You should continuously think of new ideas to have that ‘wow factor’ going on for your customers. Send them some useful tips about cell phones occasionally, to make sure that they don’t forget about your repair shop.

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