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shower Enclosure

7 Shower Time Rituals You Need to Change

You have recently installed a new shower enclosure and love having a shower in it. It may be the first thing that you take in the morning or the last thing in the evening before bed. It is a daily routine for most of us, and don’t think much about how it affects us. 

According to experts, we feel the urge to get into a shower enclosure to wash ourselves. That means it helps us to get rid of dead skin cells and remove oils and dirt due to sweat and bacteria. While whether you have a square shower enclosure or quadrant shower enclosure, getting fresh and cleaning yourself is healthy. However, you must not overdo it. It Is because you may end up having in overly dry skin, itchiness, and eczema. Taking the right shower is much more than turning on the water, leathering and drying yourself, etc. There are many misconceptions related to showers. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss what are your bad habits while staying in the shower enclosure. 

Staying Too Long Inside Shower Enclosure

Shower cubicles are enclosed rooms from all sides; therefore feel cozy and warm. But standing too long under a warm stream of water can be bad for your skin. It may quickly remove the oil and moisture from the skin. In case you notice dry skin problems after taking a shower, then it may be due to your long stay inside the quadrant shower enclosure. You should reduce your time to maximum 5-10 mins to avoid skin problems. 

Showering With Water That Is Too Cold or Too Hot

Many people use very cold or scalding hot water showers to help them wake up. It may not be a good idea as it can create many health problems. Getting in a square shower enclosure that is too hot or too cold may make your body warm or hot too quickly, making it have difficulty maintaining its temperature. Moreover, very hot water makes your body lose its natural oil, removes moisture, and makes it appear dull and itchy.

Washing With a Body Wash Bath or a Washcloth

Many women like using body wash bath or a washcloth when in a shower enclosure. It minimizes the amount required to leather the body. You may get an amount of soap, but it may trap the dead skin cells from your body. Therefore, it can be full of bacteria that can infect your skin. It is not always possible to keep them clean and dry after use. Using your hands to apply soap or wash liquid can be a better alternative. 

Using Soap Before You Shampoo

To get most of your use of soap and body cleaning regime, there is a proper way or a sequence that you should apply. For example, experts recommend that you shampoo first and then rinse it off by washing it from your body. The next will be the application of conditioner, washing off the body, and then rinsing off both at the same time. It can help prevent skin problems as your shampoo and conditioner residues will be rinsed off easily. 

Showering Only in the Morning or Evening Only. 

Getting into a shower enclosure first and showering before anything else is a great way to start a day. But there is no best time of the day to take it. It depends on your personal preference and schedule. You become more alert after a shower in the morning. But a shower before bed is also beneficial. A 5 to 10 minutes warm shower an hour before bed can help you have a good night’s sleep. Moreover, if you are suffering from allergies, it is important to wash off yourself to remove any dust and pollen that might be stuck in your hair. Therefore, consider showering in the evening too before bed.

Showering Too Much. 

Showering may have many health benefits, but overdoing it can have its own consequences. Not everyone needs daily showers. It depends on the weather, the type of work you were engaged in the whole day and sweating, etc. For example, if you sweat too much, then you should take a shower to get rid of all dirt on your body. However, it is perfectly fine to take a shower every alternative day instead of every day. If you take longer or multiple showers a day, your skin will become driers and will lose its natural glow. Experts don’t suggest any number of showers you should take; however, keeping it as an essential thing in your daily routine may not be good unless you really need it. Alternatively, you can reduce the time spent inside the shower cubicle or restrict your wash to armpits and groin areas.

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