8 Reasons To Buy A Smartwatch Now

The first full-fledged smartwatches appeared in the early 2010s. For ten years, they have become pretty popular with added functionality and battery life. If you don’t believe it, look at the capabilities of the top models of Apple, Fitbit or Huawei smartwatches.

Nevertheless, the question of the uselessness of smartwatches, or at least their optionality, is still relevant. “Wasting money” is the mildest characterization that they are usually awarded. However, the list of advantages is such that after studying it, many haters of smartwatches may well turn into their adherents.

Advantages Of A Smartwatch

Here’s why you should get a smartwatch:

Navigator On The Wrist

Many smartwatch models suggest the direction of movement using vibration. That is, the user can correct the route without having to constantly look at the map on the smartphone – an indispensable feature, for example, for cycling.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness functionality is one of the basics in smartwatches, which at least eliminates the need to buy a separate fitness tracker and pedometer. Smartwatches can count steps, distance traveled, calories burned, squats, heart rate, sleep monitoring, etc.

You can also download music from your phone to listen to it via Bluetooth headphones during workouts. Some smartwatches like Huawei watch GT 3 pro titanium come with a waterproof case, which is suitable for lovers of swimming, including underwater.

Wrist Doctor

The watch evaluates lactic acid levels, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, providing timely warning of deteriorating performance. Several mass-market devices are in development that will be able to measure blood sugar levels by drawing blood with a microneedle.

Contactless Payment

Top models of smartwatches are equipped with an NFC module that allows you to pay for purchases via Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. payment systems. Thus, you do not need a bank card or a smartphone to go to the store.

Easy Smartphone Search

It happens that you are late, you are going in a hurry – and, as luck would have it, the phone disappeared somewhere. Most modern smartwatches have a “find my phone” feature. You can call the phone from the watch and find it in a couple of seconds.

Last Longer Than A Smartphone

Not every smartphone lasts more than a day on a single charge. Some models of smartwatches work without recharging for several days. In addition, modern smartwatches work on the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol with improved energy efficiency, which also extends battery life. While making a decision to buy a smartwatch, battery seems to be defining the purchase decision.

Calls And Messages

The owner of a smartwatch does not need to take out his phone from his pocket to answer a call, SMS or messenger message, in addition, this can be done on the go (or on the run). Some watch models support voice dialing, which is useful, for example, during training. Well, or in any situation when taking a phone with you is not very convenient. There are also models that can themselves work as a phone – such watches require a separate SIM card.

Time Is Not The Main Thing

A classic watch performs two basic functions: 1) a fashion accessory, 2) a chronometer. The first is a matter of taste. The second is optional for someone who constantly uses a smartphone. In addition to the watch itself, the smartphone has an alarm clock, a timer, a stopwatch, and a calendar. All this is also in smartwatches, but some of them can even do things that smartphones cannot. Its definitely a need of today’s digital world where we are constantly attached to our gadgets. But we should also think before considering it. Because, its being constantly attached to the digital world by being connected to a watch. So, choose wisely.

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