8 Reasons Why Netflix Is the Best Streaming Service

Netflix has been the top streaming service for years now. It remains the biggest and best streaming option for millions of viewers internationally because of its smart recommendation algorithm, multi-device support, user-friendly interface, original content, and a huge selection of programs. You will never regret subscribing to it, especially if you love watching various series, documentaries, and movies.

Watching something new on Netflix is the perfect choice whenever you have some time to spare. There are tons of films or shows to watch. Thus, there’s absolutely something for you. Subscribe to this streaming entertainment or let someone you know lend you an account so you can watch free Netflix. Read on to know the reasons why Netflix is still the best streaming service.

1. Original content

Over the years, Netflix has switched from licensed content to producing its own. Various original series are sometimes a little hit and miss; that’s why Netflix improves its content with outstanding documentaries, sci-fi shows, horror movies, and binge-worthy series. It also invests heavily in original content with high quality and variety, so viewers can get a taste of new and worthy content to watch from time to time.

2. No ads

Since its debut in 1997, Netflix hasn’t forced its subscribers to pay more to remove ads, unlike its competitors. It has been around for more than two decades now, but you won’t see any ads in its content. With Netflix, you don’t have to sit through a 30-second cringe-inducing advertisement. There are no mid-roll ad breaks that ruin the momentum when watching a movie or series. And this is one of the major reasons it’s still the best streaming service.

3. One subscription, multiple viewers

For every Netflix account, up to five different profiles can be created. With a family of five, you can only have one subscription, and everyone can watch any films or shows. Netflix does not limit the number of devices on which you can use and install the application. The only limitation is the number of screens you can watch Netflix on simultaneously.

The Basic Plan lets you stream on one device at a time, while the Standard and Premium Plans allow you to watch on two or four separate devices simultaneously, respectively. More so, Netflix analyzes your viewing habits to make recommendations; it’s highly suggested to have one profile for yourself and another for anyone else sharing your account.

4. High-quality content

If you’re looking for a streaming service with high-quality content, then Netflix is a perfect choice. It’s worth noting that it offers content in SD (480p), Full HD (1080p), Ultra HD (4K), and HDR. Of course, there’s a price you need to pay for better quality movies and series. Nonetheless, Netflix plans are pretty affordable compared to other streaming services out there. After all, this isn’t a problem for most viewers who would like to have a cut above watching experience.

5. User-friendly experience

Netflix has revolutionized the way people watch content. Overnight binge-watch marathons have become a guilty pleasure for users from across the globe. It brings a user-friendly experience to everyone through its skip intro feature, subtitles, notifications based on interests, personalized watchlist, and audio descriptions for the visually impaired.

You won’t have to scroll through your TV, for Netflix has you covered with its recommendations. Its algorithm and browsing features for recommendations have always been stellar. With the homepage split into a variety of categories, it’s easier to browse movies and series.

6. Relatively affordable

The pricing for Netflix subscription plans is relatively affordable. Its Basic Plan only costs $9 per month, which lets you get access to a vast amount of content for a very reasonable price. If you want to stream in HD and on two devices simultaneously, get the Standard Plan for $14 monthly only.

And for its highest subscription, the Premium Plan is priced at $16 each month. You can stream on up to four devices at the same time and watch certain movies in 4K Ultra HD. Whichever plan you choose, all of the Netflix subscriptions are practical and worth your every penny.

7. Massive selection of movies and series

Thousands of movies and series are offered by Netflix. It seems to have something new worth watching, so you’ll easily find the perfect show for you. Not only is it known for films and TV shows, but it is also famous for true crime documentaries, experimental reality shows, and comedy specials.

Also, Netflix is constantly coming up with new exclusives as well as listing new series and movies that come worldwide. Indeed, there are tons of niche content available on the platform to keep you hooked on the service. 

8. Vernacularization

With rising competition, Netflix is riding strong on its vernacular content. It’s pushing more local content to expand its global market and provides access to the global stage for lesser-known creators and unique stories that may not reach global audiences. The vernacularization brings the best movies and series to and from all over the world, making local content seen globally and helping local filmmakers reach international viewers.

For the past few years, Korean dramas are one of the most popular shows that have become a beloved category to stream from. For the overall best streaming service, count on Netflix. It’s the world’s largest streaming entertainment that provides users with a wide variety of content available in top-notch quality at excellent speeds. Getting a subscription from this platform is never a waste of money, for you can maximize its use.


Watching your favorite TV shows or movies won’t be the same with Netflix. It’s simple to use and gives you recommendations on something to watch if you run out of ideas about what to watch. It boasts a huge library of regularly refreshed content and easy accessibility across different devices, so you’ll have something new to watch and to look forward to. Avail any Netflix plans today and enjoy binge-watching trending movies and series with your family or friends!

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