8 Safety Tips When Working With Dumpster Rental Company

When renovating your home, it is important to make sure that you and your families are safe. It includes hiring a dumpster rental company. Ensure that the contractors you work with clean up properly at the end of each day, so there is no danger from the tools they are using or the waste they create.

Dumpster rentals are typical when it comes to residential work. However, this doesn’t mean there is no risk associated with using a dumpster rental. Throwing garbage or waste into a dumpster might seem easy, but things can go wrong if you’re not careful. If you like to stay as safe as possible when working with a dumpster rental company, here are our top tips for ensuring you and your family’s safety.


1. Choose the right location


If you want to have a dumpster at your house, it will usually have to go on your driveway. When choosing the spot for your dumpster rental, you should put it as far away from the entrances to your house as possible – like near your garage door or front door.


2. Wear the proper safety equipment


If you want to ensure everyone in your family is safe, you should ensure everyone wears the proper safety gear. It includes hard hats, steel toe boots, and protective face coverings. The construction workers should always wear these things when working in your home.


3. Observe and Ask for Maximum Capacity


You should talk to your dumpster rental company about how much weight your dumpster can hold. Once you know that, you should estimate the weight of the items you’re going to put in it. If the weight of the items is more than what the dumpster can hold, then you’re at risk of damaging the dumpster and making it more difficult and dangerous to transport.


4. Use safe practices


Although trash may seem that renting a dumpster won’t affect you or your family much, you should always take precautions. Ask the dumpster provider to examine your dumpster when it is delivered and to grease any parts that don’t seem functioning correctly.


5. Keep children away

The most important safety tip we have for you is to keep your small children away from the dumpster. They should never be left unattended near the dumpster, and they should never play on it like a playground.


6. Avoid fire hazards


Some dumpsters can contain flammable materials, meaning you should never smoke or have matches or a lighter near your dumpster rental. A tiny spark can result in a big fire, so don’t put yourself or your family at risk.


7. Watch out for animals


Many dumpsters have an open-top, making them easy for animals like raccoons and mice to get. These animals will look for food in the garbage, which can be a problem, especially at night. Do not put any leftover food in the dumpster – even if it is very convenient. Instead, tell the workers that the dumpster is only for construction materials and set up regular trash bins nearby for the regular garbage.


8. Debris Removal Around the Dumpster

If you don’t regularly clear away the debris around your dumpster, it will quickly accumulate. Make sure your workers put waste into the dumpster and don’t let it pile up around it. This will help keep the area around your rental dumpster safe by reducing tripping hazards and chances of an injury.


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