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Advantages of a Corporate Intranet Portal

Your company corporate intranet portal can be the key to many of the internal challenges your organization is grappling with. Are you making the most of it?

An intranet is a local or restricted network that allows employees within a company to store, organize, and share information. Often managed by IT and utilized by various departments across the organization, corporate intranets can be a powerful tool for solving today’s digital workplace challenges.

The problem is that many organizations have abandoned the idea that their intranets are very useful. It’s running in the background and seems to be working, but it doesn’t bring obvious benefits.

In a recent study, 80% of employees working in medium-to-large organizations said their company had an Corporate Intranet Portal, and it was a tool they often relied on. In fact, 81% used it in the last week. That’s the good news.

Report revealed these surprising statistics

The bad news is that the tool that employees often rely on is still slowing them down. The same report revealed these surprising statistics:

43% of employees avoid sharing documents with colleagues because they cannot find it or think it will take a long time to find it.

Only 29% of employees know how to submit ideas.

Only 30% know how to request resources from another team​​.

Less than 25% know where to find their company brochure.

Only 50% know how to submit an IT request or book a vacation.

What these findings tell us is that employee intranet solution expect to find value in their intranets — which is why they continue to log in — but organizations aren’t doing enough to communicate the intranet’s purpose and take advantage of its many features and capabilities.

Why do companies use intranets?

Before we delve into the specific uses of intranets, it’s important to put aside any baggage that the word “intranet” has accumulated over the years. Yes, many intranet implementations have been known to cause headaches and end up being disorganized dumping grounds for company information.

But thanks to modern, engaging solutions, we can put these troubles behind us. So, let’s think differently and consider five key advantages that a company intranet can provide.

  1. Internal Communication

Consolidating Employee Intranet Solution internal communications on your company intranet—from leadership news to HR or IT updates—is an easy way to gather important information in one place. It enables internal communications teams to focus time, energy and resources while removing any confusion among the workforce about where to find the latest news.

With interactive blogs, news feeds and virtual town halls, you can turn your intranet into the ultimate internal communication channel. Additional benefits like with social features like, comments, and ratings, this will help you two-way conversation between your employees and your leadership team that benefits everyone.

  1. Employee engagement

Closely related to internal communication is employee engagement. The company intranet can be used for contests, events, polls, and photo galleries. In fact, this can greatly entice employees to return to the intranet on a daily basis. You can create a dedicated venue for these events, such as a social hub, or treat the entire intranet as your primary engagement tool, leveraging engagement and engagement features and solutions across multiple domains.


Employees can view and track all their benefits through the employee intranet solution software. This allows them to check balances, view history and get answers to any questions they may have.


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