Are quartz countertops made out of natural stone?

While quartz is a manmade material, it includes about 90-95% stone dust created by quarrying granite and quartzite slabs. The natural stone aggregate is crushed to a more uniform size and mixed with resin to form the base of the quartz slab. Color and non-repeating natural patterns are added before baking the quartz. It functions almost exactly like real stone, making it a smart choice for countertops in your Perrysburg or Toledo home.

Because of its high natural stone content, quartz can have various sizes of specks and flecks throughout its surface which lends it visual interest. Every slab will be slightly different, but its consistent coloring makes it a great option when designing a large open concept kitchen with oversized islands and counters.

Are quartz countertops more expensive than granite countertops in the Toledo area?

Quartz and granite will cost about the same for the average kitchen or bath countertop. However, since every granite slab is unique, it comes in a wider price range. This gives granite the reputation for being more expensive. However, if you carefully check out our full line of quartz and granite samples, it is likely you will find a beautiful option within your budget.

Both granite and quartz are fabricated and installed in the same manner. A precise template is made in your home and measured off your installed base cabinets. Robotic saws cut the counters out of stone slabs and are installed by our experienced and highly trained technicians.

Do I need to seal granite countertops in my Toledo area home kitchen?

Yes, while your new granite countertops arrive fully sealed, the protective coating will wear off due to daily use. Stone sealant creates a non-porous barrier that stops liquids, oil, juice, and food from seeping down into the stone and discoloring the surface. It takes just an hour to apply new sealant every six months to a year. Let it dry overnight to fully cure.

Sealant should be used for all types of stone countertops including quartzite, granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone. Only laminate and solid surface countertops do not need sealing.

Can heat damage granite countertops?

Your granite countertops are made out of some of the hardest materials on Earth that have withstood volcanic temperatures over millions of years. However, when subjected to extreme temperature changes in your Perrysburg kitchen, it can crack. It is not likely that a hot pan coming right out of the oven will damage the counter, but it is possible. Using a hot pad or trivet protects your investment and helps you to dress up your decor.

Also, any type of stone countertop can suffer from heat damage. No matter what type of material you choose, you will still want to use hot pads and trivets.

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