Without the thrill, adventure, and unforgettable drive on the sand of a Desert Safari Dubai, a trip to Dubai isn’t complete. 6 hours of Desert safari Dubai brings this excitement right to your doorstep. After that, our skilled drivers will take you dune bashing, which will take you to the edge of thrill and adventure. We’re open at the following times, and you need to click on the best desert safari deal.

If you want to spend your trip away from the noise and chaos of the city in a quiet and peaceful place, you shouldn’t miss the Morning Desert Safari, which has the best spots to take pictures of the beautiful desert morning. Even if you don’t do anything but stand in the middle of the desert and look at the beautiful and spectacular view, you will feel a lot of joy and happiness. One of the best parts of a morning desert safari is camel trekking, which lets you see more of the desert and get a feel for how people used to get around in deserts in the past. The golden sun rays in the morning make the desert even more beautiful when you go quad biking.


How to book a Dubai desert safari?

Now is an excellent time to try The Planet Adventure if you haven’t already. Desert Safari Dubai offers many different packages, ranging from cheap to expensive. Here, we’ll talk about some information that will help you determine which deal is best for you and how to book a desert safari in Dubai.


To find out which Dubai Desert Safari package is best for you,

Before you go through the steps for booking a Dubai desert safari, you should know that there are a lot of different packages. Before you click “Proceed,” it’s a good idea to think about which package or combo package you need. The most crucial difference between these packages is how much they cost. We offer three different packages based on this.


Morning Desert Safari Dubai:

This package is for people who want to see and enjoy Dubai‘s golden desert in the morning. The morning desert safari starts between 8 and 8:30 in the morning and lasts for 4 hours.


Evening Desert Safari Dubai:

The best thing about this tour is seeing a beautiful sunset, which doesn’t happen very often. You can choose the best one from the self-drive package, the Basic package, the Advanced package, the Exclusive package, the Platinum Basic package, the Platinum Plus package, and the VIP package.


Overnight Desert Safari Dubai:

This is our most extended package so that you can choose it with enough time. You’ll spend the night in the desert under a clear sky full of stars and wake up to a cup of tea or coffee and a delicious breakfast at sunrise.


How to book a Dubai desert safari?

With the offer, you can book your safari online in several ways. You can fill out the inquiry form or email us at [email protected]. If you’re unsure which package to choose and want to talk to one of our desert safari experts to get the details straight and have us book your ticket, you can call us at any time at +971 42949979 / WhatsApp +971 553385522 or connect with us on live chat. Our customer service reps are friendly and ready to help.



Yes, it is excellent for the whole family to do together. Kids love sandboarding, riding camels, and going “dune bashing.” Most desert safari packages also include trips to camel farms and time in a pool to cool off.


How much does a desert safari in Dubai cost?

The tour companies offer different desert safari packages to meet everyone’s needs, and the prices change from season to season. Dubai desert safari tours cost between AED 60 and AED 2000.


Can I wear shorts on a desert safari?

You should wear something that can be changed to fit cold and warm weather. Even though the desert can get very hot in the afternoon, it gets very cold at night. For a camel ride, it’s best to wear pants that aren’t too tight. A trip on a desert safari is an exciting and memorable way to spend a weekend with loved ones. If you’re considering going on a desert safari in Dubai, here are some things to keep in mind. Take advantage of the city’s milder nights by booking a desert safari that lasts for the night in Dubai.

It is worth your time to schedule your visit to Dubai around the city’s greatest annual events. There are a plethora of exciting activities from which to pick in Dubai. Our brief overview of desert tours in Dubai comes to a close here. There are also places in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah where you can go on a desert safari.

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