Top 3 Exclusive Luxury Furniture Brands

Top 3 Exclusive Luxury Furniture Brands

The demand for luxurious furniture is exceptionally high. More and more people want to find the top table for their rooms and get(Furniture shops in Sunderland) the elegant and luxurious look and the exclusivity this kind of design provides.

Thus, the market is constantly changing. Changing each season. Experiencing the potential for exponential increase.

In a market characterized by exclusivity and an out-of-the-box demand for products. Brands strive to create the most innovative designs with top-quality items and materials.

These upscale furniture brands are sought-after by all people because they can have real-life experiences while they are around.

1. Kartell is a leader in creativity and new materials

Kartell is a pioneering producer of innovation. Its invention is displayed through lighting and furniture pieces that carry its logo.

With more than 70 years of existence. Kartell is a synonym for creativity. It was created in 1949 by Giulio Carrelli and Ana Castelli Ferrieri 1949 in Milan.

They brought radical transformations to furniture for the home by using plastic as the primary material used in the production of their products.

1999 was a significant turning point for Kartell in that it became one of the first companies in the world to have used polycarbonate at the beginning for furniture production.

A prime example

A prime example is a famous piece that has stood the test of time and generations and is an entirely transparent chair dubbed Louis Ghost.

Today, the brand is among the most admired brands leading its field and is part of the elite furniture brands. All the success is due to constant technological advancement. Attention to design and style.

Exclusivity of the brand

The exclusivity of the brand allows Kartell(Furniture stores Sunderland) to distinguish itself compared to other brands.

The Kartell range comprises iconic pieces like sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, and accessories. All signed by famous names of well-known architects and designers such as Philippe Starck. Ferruccio Laviani and Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola.

Kartell collections are available across the globe, and there are no limits to furniture for your home. But they can also give a stylish look to public spaces. Such as restaurants, hotels or workplaces.

The refined design of objects produced, achieved through putting together a delicate appearance. Paired with top quality and long-lasting. Transform Kartell brand items into true works of art.

2. Pedrali – beauty and tradition and ingenuity

From a tiny workshop established in the year 1963. In 1963 by Mario Pedrali in the town of Palazzolo Sull’Oglio.

In the province of Brescia to becoming one of the most prominent ambassadors for Made in Italy exclusive luxury furniture brands of 2022. That’s the way we can sum up in a few sentences the history that led to the Pedrail brand.

The initial creations were wrought iron outdoor seats. The company now makes modern furniture for residential and contract use that blends creativity. Ingenuity and tradition to offer efficient products.

This allows it to create and produce new furniture for home spaces and public spaces. Such as tables, chairs and sofas, lamps, tops, barstools, and other accessories.

The Italian brand furnishes public spaces throughout the globe. Including offices, hotels, restaurants, libraries, shops and more.

Utilizing high-quality material

Utilizing high-quality material. Pedrali encourages the reuse of materials. One of its principal values is the sustainability of design.

In 2020, for instance, Pedrali introduced the first product constructed entirely of recycled material. 50 percent of which is plastic material waste from post-consumer waste. The other 50% from industrial waste made of plastic.

Collaboration with prominent designers has resulted in Pedrali significant awards. Such as the Compasso d’Oro ADI for the Frida chair.

The brand has more than 300 partners. With furniture pieces available in over 100 countries across the globe.

3. Kristalia – function and craftsmanship knowledge

The origins of Kristalia. One of the most prestigious high-end furniture brands, dating back to 1994.

Kristalia can design and create unique furniture with distinctive designs. All table is constructed with great care and care in every aspect.

The main principles behind the brand are transparency and sustainability and, as such. Using the most modern technologies.

Growth of the business

The growth of the business was massive because, at the beginning of the 20th century. The company pioneered the concept of extended tables.

In the second decade of the century. It was one of the design companies which attracted designers. Therefore, it also secured contracts in the hospitality supply world.

The name’s purpose is to build an ongoing and reliable connection with a group of artists. Designers and to open the door to new talents who can communicate using precise.

Clear and imaginative language and with a genuine determination to innovate. As a part of premium furniture brands. Kristalia’s story begins with jazz as a design piece that plays a distinct type of music.

Luxurious furniture brands

These iconic furniture designs are passed across generations. Telling their stories due to their timeless beauty and outstanding quality

We hope to inspire you with our suggestions and help you make the most informed choices in the area of luxury furniture brands for your next purchase.


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