Best Lesser Known Himalayan Treks



The Himalayas are in great demand and at the same time the hardest hiking destination in the world. If you have not been to the Himalayas, you have not seen the magnificent creation of God. Enjoy the beauty of creeping valleys, snow capped peaks and beautiful grassy plains. Although the Himalayas are well-known for their hiking trails, there are still a number of mountain trails, which remain in the sanctuary and are yet to be discovered and used. Situated in the foothills of the great Himalayan mountains, these little-known Himalayas are home to a few high mountains, peaks, and flowing rivers.



Aside from the famous hiking trails that lead to the highest mountain peaks in the world, there are a variety of treks that exemplify nature but have not yet been praised.


A very nice lake trip and a trip to the lowlands will be a feast for your eyes and your soul. Discover the little-known Himalayan trek with this theme chosen by the mountaineer for you. Enjoy the beauty of these untouched sites and go on a journey to kill the tranquility of these hiking trails.


Here are some of the most popular Himalayan travel destinations:


1.Nag Tibba Trek


Also known as Serpent’s peak, a popular tourist destination and leisure center. Located on the hills of Garhwal, this is one of the most famous Himalayas. A natural place, a good escape destination for travelers.


It is considered the abode of the Serpent God. Ravish in spectacular views of the Bandarpoonch peak, a collection of Gangotri peaks, the Srikanth peak, the northern Kedarnath peak, the Doon valley and the icebergs at Changabang. It reveals the fascinating mixed forests of Oak, Rhododendron, Cider and Alpine.


2) The Kedarkantha Trek


One of the most beautiful Himalayan journeys boasts of private beauty and scenic camp. Kedarkantha tour can be your best bet for winter hiking in India. 


Get a glimpse of the snow peaks as soon as you step on the trail and take a jaw drop with a 360-degree view of the fresh peaks. Viewing the impressive Himalayas from the summits of the mountains is an amazing aspect of this journey. Also check out here for a winter trip to Kedarkantha which is a very fun trip.


3) Annapurna Base camp tour


The Annapurna Base camp trek offers amazing trips to a variety of cultural landscapes and rich mountain avenue, grasslands, the stunning Gundruk village and an amazing variety of plants and animals.


Nepal of Annapurna Mount Nepal is the 10th highest mountain in the world at 8091 m high, and the footpath to its base camp, 1,700 feet [4130 m] or 13549 m, is one of the most challenging Himalayan treks. Kindle in view of the Mountain Fishtail, which is revered by the Nepalese people for its unique beauty. It is known for the only walk where you will be close to the peaks of 7000-8000 m.


4) Chandrashila Trek


Chandrashila literally means MOON ROCK and is one of the lesser known Himalayan hiking trails. It is also considered a holy place where King Rama meditated after defeating the wicked king Ravana.


It is a great place for new travelers to hike in the natural mountain range on the Chandrashila trek.


5) Indrahar Pass Trek


Indrahar Pass is rich in deodar fields, pristine waters, lush green pastures, and rhododendron forests. It is one of the most fascinating, little-known trails of the Himalayan Treks. This exciting journey will take you on a journey of your life, where you will experience the amazing beauty and beauty of the Himalayan mountains.


On your way, pass the Triund camp, where you are amazed at the beauty of the Lahesh Caves, popularly known as Malusi’s winter residence. The Indrahar Pass tour gives you a glimpse of the Dhauladhar range and the Pir Panjal mountain range. Enjoy the spectacular views of masif and the natural beauty on your way up to Indrahar Pass.


6) Pangarchulla Peak Trek


It is a close proximity to the Kuari Pass, thus being another important mountain destination.


Check out the most amazing views of Nanda Devi in ​​this one-off Offbeat Himalayan Treks. This trail will take you to blood-red rhododendrons, valleys of pure green and snow-white, Oaks of Oaks, silver birch, green pine, and bhojpatra as you climb hills.


7) Prashar Lake Trek


Lake Prashar is one of the most beautiful and lesser known Himalayas, surrounded by the Dhauladhar range. Enjoy the various shades of the lake that will delight you with all its beauty. Surprised by the pure snow covered by the lake in winter, as well as the beautiful summer pool on your way to Prashar.

It is believed that he got his name from a scholar Prashar, who had intervened here. Spend some time with nearby residents and get an idea of ​​local culture and health. The excellent weather near the ridge will make your hiking experience even more enjoyable. Walk on this scenic route through the jungle and a few rivulets and see the magnificent 180 degree view of Dhauladhar distance and the peaks of Kinnaur.

This is a peaceful place that fills your souls with halcyon and adventure at the same time. The newly opened IIT near the lake will end the lake’s calm for years to come.


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