A lot of trekkers trek to Bhrigu Lake for the lake steeped in mythology.This trek is located about 20 km north of Manali in Himachal Pradesh and can be reached from Gulaba.Bhrigu Lake is a lake located at an altitude of about 4,300 meters(14,100 ft.)in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh,India.It is located east of Rohtang Pass and is about 6 kilometers(3.7 mi)from Gulaba village.Trek duration – 1-3 days.Depending on your itinerary and climb speed.The Bhrigu Lake trek is a high altitude trek due to the final altitude at 14,100 feet.The starting point of the trek is

Gulaba.However,a lot of people also start for a long journey from Vashistha.How to reach Gulaba?Take a private cab or take the regular shared car service from Manali Chowk. Will you need a guide: The route is mostly laid out.Can you go by yourself?And can ask for directions from the local people on the way.However, my personal recommendation would be to take a guide.


Well,the question mostly depends on how you are traveling,with how many people and/or guides etc travel light.Pack warm clothing that includes a down

jacket,gloves,fleece,waterproof pants,warm pants,etc.Carry a poncho for rain proofing.The rest of the equipment will be provided by the campsite and trek organizer.There are several operators in Manali,such as Himalayan Backcountry Adventures,that organize treks with more flexible routes.They will carry hot food preparation equipment along the way.Also other equipment like tents will be provided on request.Or you can take your own tent/sleeping bag with light.Don’t carry extra foods unless you want to carry energy bars and biscuits.Pack warm clothes and more.Essential items like tissue paper,wet wipes,tooth brush,sunscreen etc.Wear good hiking shoes with camera optional,if you are a photographer!

If you have decided that you want to trek alone without assistance.Pack the following things:

1.tent.(Buy the new Quechua Fresh and Black Tent here)

2.Insulation Mattress(to go under your sleeping bag,buy here)

3.Sleeping bag (for temperatures as low as zero degrees,buy here)

4.Lamp(to light the tent,buy here)

5.Rucksack(Min 60L,BUY HERE)

6.Rain Protection Poncho (Buy Here)

7.Flashlight. glasses.

9.Tissue paper,tooth brush,wet wipes,sanitizer,sunscreen etc.

10.warm clothes.

11.Hiking boots with ankle support and water proofing.

12.Water proof hiking trousers.

13.edible,and butane burner if you want to cook.


Best time to visit is July-September.The Bhrigu Lake trek usually opens in May,although very few people were trekking around this time (I visited on 14 May 2017).There was no source of food at any point.And there is no source of water beyond Rola Kholi.If you are planning to go alone then ration your resources accordingly.


If you are carrying your tent,properly balance the weight of the ruck sack so as not to hinder your progress as you climb.From time to time share the load with your friends to recover from the weight.If traveling alone, try to reduce the weight of other things as much as possible.Make sure you focus on fitness and be able to run at least 5km for a month before the trek.Before the actual day of climbing,eat enough food and hydrate your body 100%.Try eating more carbs than any other food group.If you have never traveled to high altitudes before,consult your doctor and check whether you are healthy.Ask for Diamox’s prescription and consider eating it to prevent AMS.Take half its tablet in the morning and at midnight before sleeping.

Drink at least 2 liters of water with it to stay hydrated at all times.If you are hiking in weather with possible snow or snow cover on top,So near Bhrigu Lake,carry ice glasses to prevent temporary blindness from the sun reflecting off the snow.There are no food sources at any point of the trek.Make sure you are carrying something to eat. Most animals do not like the smell of “aroma”.And deodorant can be a good deterrent for that!Since you’re not going to take a shower for a few days,I personally find it useful to use panty liners(for women only)for added hygiene!

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