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Bombas Compression Socks Are They Worth It?

Do you want to know if Bombas socks are worth all the fuss? You’re in the right spot. Bombas Compression Socks are known for being some of the most comfortable you can buy. They are also some of the socks you can buy that do the most good. Every time you buy something from Bombas website, they give the same amount to a homeless shelter for homeless people.

Socks for you means that someone in need will get a pair of socks. A great gift that keeps on giving.


Different Styles, Pros And Cons, And Performance

In this post, we won’t just tell you about Bombas as a company; we’ll also tell you about the different styles, pros and cons, and performance of their socks.

We’ll also talk about how many of the different types of Bombas Compression Socks work, how long they last, and how much they cost.

Regarding Bombas: What Kind Of Company Makes Socks?

Bombas is a treasure of a company that sells both comfort and kindness. They use their platform to fill a need in homeless shelters all over the world and remind us that even small things, like the socks we wear, can have a big impact for the better.

As far as sock stories go, Bombas Compression Socks is pretty cool. What started as a simple crowdfunding campaign made it to Shark Tank, where investor Daymond John offered them a deal.

David Heath And Randy Goldberg

David Heath and Randy Goldberg, two businessmen, started Bombas after they learned that homeless shelters needed socks the most.

They found out much later that underwear and t-shirts are the second and third most-requested items, which is why they now sell underwear and t-shirts.

Bombas Brand Mission

The Bombas Compression Socks brand got a lot of attention because of the mission, the shark, and the promise of the perfect sock.

Bombas is also a Certified B Corporation. This means that their company meets high standards for environmental and social performance, which are regularly checked by a third party.

Bombas Socks Review: Pros, Cons, And Answers To The Most Important Questions


Bombas Compression Socks are very comfortable, come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, and do their job well (hiking, dress, compression, etc.)

  • One purchase equals one donation
  • Bonuses for referring a friend and free shipping
  • Great customer service (100 percent satisfaction guarantee);
  • Certified as a B Corporation.
  • Socks can wear out quickly, but customer service will take care of you.
  • Not enough information about the supply chain and the environment.


Do Bombas Socks Pay Off?

Want to know what makes Bombas Compression Socks so special?

In addition to their generous giving model and great customer service, the quality of their socks is much better than that cheap tube sock you buy in bulk (you know the one), so you may need to buy fewer socks less often.

Just because of that, Bombas is a good investment for socks. When you buy a pair of Bombas

socks, you get the quality and durability of a few pairs of socks for the price of one.


Worth The Money:

It looks like they also put a lot of thought and care into making socks. Here are the main things about their socks that make them stand out and feel like they are worth the money:

Seamless Toe:

Bombas Compression Socks clever toe seam makes sure there is no toe seam at all. They got rid of that annoying seam that pressed on your toes.

Honeycomb Arch Support System:

My favorite thing about Bombas is the honeycomb support. It gently squeezes the arch of your foot, which gives your foot much-needed support and helps the sock keep its shape and fit.

Y-Stitched Heel:

The y-stitched heel, like the seamless toe and honeycomb support, is all about making the shoe as comfortable as possible. By cutting down on seams in places with a lot of friction, they can improve the “barely-there” feel.

Stay-Up Technology:

Bombas Compression Socks can take the form of just the right amount of tension or a subtle heel grip. But in both cases, it’s an important part of keeping your sock where it belongs.

Blister Tab:

Remember when the back of your shoe would rub on your ankle? No matter how far you run, the new blister tab on Bombas shoes will protect your ankles from friction.


In the Bombas universe, hex-tec is a synonym for “high-performance.” Hex-tec technology is only used in their most athletic designs. It gives them more durability, breathability, and the ability to get rid of sweat.

Merino wool is a super-soft natural fiber that is naturally good at wicking away sweat and odor.

Purchase-Matched Donations:

Yes, we’re going back there because it’s the best feature and benefit of all. Bombas donates to someone in need for every item that is bought. Bombas Compression Socks has given away more than 50 million items as of today, and that number keeps going up and up and up.

100 percent Happiness Guarantee:

Don’t like it? Slips a lot? Don’t have the right size? Holes in toes or heels? Get in touch with their Happiness Team. They value happiness a lot. Yours in particular.

Why Do Bombas Socks Cost So Much?

Let’s get down to earth. Socks are socks, right? Wrong.

When it comes to cheaper sock brands and clothing in general, the lower price usually comes at the cost of other costs, like taking advantage of workers by not paying them enough to live on or skimping on materials and construction to save money.

Get 20 Percent Off Your First Order!

Get the warmest and nicest socks ever. Bombas is a Certified B Corporation that gives away a pair of socks for every pair that is bought.

Get a pair of Bombas Compression Socks to step up your sock game. coziest and kindest gifts ever. And get a 20 percent Bombas Discount Code on your compression socks.

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