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Your family law attorney can help in such circumstances and get you a restraining order.

Circumstances when you need family law attorney in Wisconsin

Matters concerning divorces and family law are often stressful and complex. While the emotional turmoil is hard to deal with, you need to prepare for the legal process ahead. In Wisconsin, you can simply state the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage as the ground for divorce. If you and your spouse agree on all key aspects, the divorce can be finalized within months. However, there are circumstances when things may not move as expected. Below are a few situations when you must consider hiring a family law attorney Wisconsin.

When you are likely to fight for child custody

Both parents, no matter their equation, should consider the best interests of the child before deciding on child custody. In the real world, separating spouses often end up engaging in fierce custody battles, which only prolongs the process. If you think your spouse wouldn’t compromise on the matter and is likely to fight for child custody, you should get an attorney. Not all family law attorneys specialize in custody and child support issues, so make sure that you hire the right lawyer.

When you have considerable marital assets

High-net divorces are often intricate for obvious reasons. If you have joint properties and marital assets with your spouse, you should have a lawyer to ensure that you don’t settle for less. Your lawyer will look out for your interests and ensure that you get fair representation. Lawyers are skilled at negotiations, and more often than not, they work as mediators to get an acceptable outcome for both parties.

Your ex has all guns blazing. If your spouse has made it clear that they wouldn’t compromise on any aspect and has hired an attorney for the divorce, you need legal counsel too. People often forget that there are no winners in a divorce, but because it could be a case of power imbalance, hiring a lawyer is a wise thing to do.

You have considerable marital assets. If you and your spouse have considerable assets and debts together, you should consider seeking legal advice. Wisconsin is a community property state, which means assets would be divided equally between the spouses. Your spouse may try to deny your rights, and an attorney can take up the battle for you.

Your spouse has been hiding assets or income. Experienced divorce lawyers know what it takes to uncover hidden income and assets, and they often do their share of investigation to find details that would help their clients. If you think your spouse is capable of doing something like that, consider talking to a lawyer.

You have a child custody battle. Matters concerning child custody are not only sensitive but often hard to discuss, especially if the spouses are not on talking terms. To protect the best interests of your child, get a lawyer who has experience working on child custody matters.

You have reasons to believe that your spouse can harm you. In case your spouse has threatened you, it is wise to get an attorney to understand how you can stay safe, which could also mean getting a restraining order.

When you have safety concerns

If your spouse has been violent with you in the past, you may have valid reasons to worry about your safety. In case you have minor children, you may feel that your ex may harm the kids. Your family law attorney can help in such circumstances and get you a restraining order. You may also want to lawyer up when requesting a temporary hearing for child custody or the use of the marital home.

When you have a history of substance abuse

If you had a history of alcohol or drug abuse, your ex might bring that up during the divorce to get outcomes in their favor, especially concerning child custody. You need an attorney who can ensure that your past doesn’t become a hurdle for the future, and for that, they would fight a long battle in court, if needed.

Call a lawyer to understand more.

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