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Set Up Android TV – A Complete Guide

If you are here reading this guide then you are at the right place to know about this in this blog; we are going to tell you all you need to know about this procedure. This blog is going to tell you a detailed guide; and the detailed steps which you need to follow to set up your brand new Android TV. 

If you are a diehard fan of entertainment and have been constantly looking for a source of entertainment and trust us when we say that an android tv could be a boon for the users so the users must move to move ahead for setup/setup. 

There are some things that the users need to prepare beforehand before they move ahead with settings for the Android TV. 

Things which the users need to before setting up an Android TV 

  1. The users need to connect to the Android TV as per the manual the users have which has been provided by the manufacturer. 
  2. Now, the users need to turn it on and then press on HDMI option to the mobile which has been connected to the android tv com setup
  3. The users now need to select the language they are comfortable with and then select the settings option and enter the data. 

Set up the Android TV for the users – 

    • For the initial step, the users are supposed to move to the settings option of your mobile device. 
    • Following this; the users are supposed to look for the Google option and then move ahead to select set and restore. 
    • Now; the users are supposed to click on the option of setting near the device and then from there tap on the Next button. 
    • Now your mobile device will start looking for the android Tv; and then you will be able to see a code in front of you as well as on the Tv screen. 
    • After ensuring that the code on the TV and mobile device is the same you need to click on the Next button. 
    • Select the Wi-fi network and then copy it from the mobile device to the TV. 
    • After you select a Google account that the users need to use with the Android TV. 
    • After this; the users will see that the android tv will be set up according to the data which is associated with the Google account, and for this, you are just supposed to keep o giving permissions. 
    • You will be now suggested some of the apps and among them, you need to select which you prefer or you can also skip this step if you want to. 
    • As soon as the process android tv is set up you will be able to use the android Tv as you want to and according to you. 

Setup Android Tv using Hotspot

To involve a cell phone as an area of interest so you could begin the Android TV and watch motion pictures or shows; you ought to follow the underneath referenced advances, and in these means, right off the bat; the settings of the portable are expounded and afterward settings to be finished regarding the Android TV has been referenced.

On Mobile Phone

1: On the Data on your android phone.

2: Open Settings on your phone.

3: Click on Network and Internet.

4: Click on Hotspot and Tethering

5: Turn on your mobile hotspot.

On Android TV

1: when you see a message like “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?” on TV, utilize the controller remote to pick “skip”

2: pick “connect to phone Data”

3: select your access point name.

So these were the moves toward setting up Android TV. Everything from the establishment to setting up android television has been concealed, likewise, a short piece of initiating focal point of versatility has additionally been added.

See also – How to Setup Android TV is a site that users can refer to any time they want when they want to know more about android Tv and more about it and you can also use the information you get from this site. 

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