The Most Convenient Way To Purchase Custom Boxes

Why use custom-printed boxes

When your business is online-based, the first physical interaction with your customer is through your packaging. Because there is no such impact as an in-person experience, your package should pull enough weight to ensure that the customer buys from you again.   Custom design for e-commerce will make the moment your product arrives personalized because the customer will be impressed by your efforts and think that you especially did that for them.

Arrive at your product stand out rather than sending a plain old brown box. But that doesn’t mean outdoing it and going for neon colors with crowded designs. Make it represent you in a simple yet creative way. With the arrival of the product, the customer will recognize it immediately and create a certain excitement in them for their order even before opening up the box.

Things you need to know about custom packaging

If done correctly, your custom packaging is crucial in improving your customer’ss experience. So now comes the problem of; choosing, designing, creating and deciding a price for the package. There’s no need to worry. The answers to these questions are listed below

1. Right type of custom packaging

First and foremost is choosing the right type of packaging for your shipment. Although there are various types of packaging available, that doesn’t mean that one can decide whether he likes going with the product type or not. There are padded/bubble mailers that are a good option for protecting the package from any breakage or wreckage. Then comes mailer boxes, which are small square-shaped boxes. Then there are envelopes, rigid boxes and the list goes on.

2. Type of printing

After deciding which type of box you will use, comes choosing the right kind of printing. Since you will be on a budget, you must select the printing wisely. The market offers different types of printing, but the most common are digital and lithographic printing. Most people prefer a digital one because it is less cost per unit and is reliable. Firms working on a large scale sometimes get their boxes printed with the lithographic method.

3. The perfect size

Choosing a perfect size is the next step in the process. Not only is the size important for the content of your box it also plays a significant role in the shipping process. For instance, if USPS rates are being used, then the box’s dimension can significantly affect the pricing category your carton falls into. It also would not look presentable to the customer if you deliver them a small makeup box in a gigantic box that You could have used for a much larger product, i.e., an electronic appliance such as a microwave.

4. Designing the box

Then finally, you decide on what your box should look like, i.e., the design of your box. Be creative and use different colors that complement each other. Choose a unique font and make your company’s name, logo and slogan look eye-catching.

Best and convenient ways to purchase custom packaging

After going through the stages mentioned above, you become aware of what you want the box to look like. Thus it is easier for you to go to the packaging companies and present your need. Several manufacturers include custom packaging printing in Seattle by The Custom Boxes, Packlane and Tag & Label.

• Do compare the prices of custom packaging manufacturers but be aware of this fact as well. Why is the specific manufacturer offering lower prices than other producers in the market? Is it because he is reducing the quality of the liner. Remember, if the liner is thin, it is difficult for the content to be printed, a thick paper means a better printing quality.

• Make sure that the producer is located near your firm so that not only can you see the manufacturing of your boxes, but the shipping price is also reduced.

• Some producers also offer fulfillment solutions, so try to get your boxes made from them because that fulfillment will cause the freight cost for boxes to be obliterated by keeping them all under the same roof.

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