Desert Safari Dubai Top Most Unique Safari Tours

Desert Safari Dubai Top Most Unique Safari Tours

For this section of my guide to the best desert safari in Dubai, I’ve chosen 5 tours that offer something unique. The following tours are preoccupied with showcasing the desert’s heritage, culture, nature, wildlife, and sustainable tourism. None of these excursions include dune bashing, but they all offer something remarkable in its place.


1.      Heritage Desert Safari from Dubai

This safari tour in Dubai is radically different from the others. First, you’ll notice that your vehicle is a vintage, open-air 1950s Land Rover rather than a modern 4X4. As I explained, there is no dune bashing in this tour, but rather the safari focuses on the heritage of desert culture. and the exotic wildlife that resides in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is a 225 square kilometer (87.1 square miles) natural reserve limiting the number of tour operators permitted to organize trips here. Another incredible factor about this safari tour is that you directly contribute to the reserve when you book your place. The tour starts at 3.30 pm and your booking includes your dinner beneath the stars.



2.      Dubai Private Night Safari & Astronomy

If you’re waiting for me to share the best desert safari in Dubai for a romantic date night, then this is the one you’ll want to surprise your other half with. Pick up for this unique night safari is 5.30 pm.   Each booking covers two guests and you will venture into the desert after sunset in an open-top 1950s Land Rover. After a drive through the cooling dunes, you will participate in a twilight nature walk where you might see anything from creepy crawlies to fauna.

Night vision binoculars are provided to see the full might of the desert-scape and its nocturnal residents. A highly trained conservation guide leads this activity with extensive knowledge of ecotourism and the local environment. Your evening concludes with a decadent three-course dinner at an exclusive camp within the desert retreat of the local royal family. As you see, this safari oozes romance!



3.      1 or 1.5 Hour Horseback Dubai Desert Park Ride

Giddy up, this is one of the best desert safaris in Dubai for horse lovers! You will mount your friendly horse and follow your guide through the dunes of the National Mushrif Park. Even without spotting any fauna, the scenery is breathtaking and you can soak up nature far from the sounds of the dune bashing 4X4s and quad bikes.

Upon conclusion of the trek, you will be invited to wash and groom your companion horse and give them a reward of carrots. The tour is best suited for those with some horse riding experience as, at times, you will trot and canter.  This tour is available at 6 am, 7 am and 8 am, and then 5 pm and 6 pm so that the horses do not have to contend with the hottest part of the day. Please note that, unlike most other safaris on this list, you will need to arrange your transport to and from the horse stables for this activity.



4.      Dubai: Private Falconry Safari

Designed for those with a keen interest and appreciation for birds of prey, this safari provides you with the bucket list experience of training a falcon to fly from your wrist. The falconry experience of the tour lasts 1.5 hours and is led by a professional falconer who is passionate and committed to taking care of the beautiful creatures. However, your qualified guide will do its best to help you detect the wildlife.  As the tour starts at 5 am, you may want to upgrade the experience to include a luxury breakfast. At least two participants are required to book this unique tour.



5.      Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 5-Hour Tour with Breakfast

You will head deep into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for the final tour on my list. As you observe the likes of native birdlife, Arabian Oryx, desert monitors, and free-roaming gazelles, your safari guide will nourish your exploration with a wealth of knowledge about the flora, fauna, and history of the first national park in the United Arab Emirates.

It’s not guaranteed, but if you’re fortunate, you might even catch a glimpse of the rarely sighted Gordon’s wildcat. Children over the age of 10 are welcome on this tour and it’s the perfect activity for solo wanderers, families, or couples alike. The start time for this tour is a languid 7.30 am and concludes with a decadent breakfast at the Al Maha Desert Resort before you return to the city.



Final Thoughts


That draws my guide to the unique desert safari tours in Dubai to a close. As you can see, there is so much more to experience than the thrill of dune bashing. Some safaris focus on heritage and nature, whereas others are designed with adrenaline junkies firmly in mind. There truly is a safari for everyone. I hope my guide helps you determine the best desert safari in Dubai for you and you’ll go home with an unforgettable experience after your Dubai trip. Have you already taken part in a desert tour?

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