This is a very important lesson to remember if you want to write for people on the internet. When it comes to writing online, blogs are the way to go. Even successful entrepreneurs use blogs to reach out to people. But it’s easy to confuse it with writing articles, which is a totally different thing. Writers may mix up the two, which could make your work not appeal to your core audience the way you want it to.

Blogs and articles are not the same things, and it’s important to know the difference between them. Here is a quick guide to help you tell the difference between the two.


Articles are written in a very formal style that is based on sophisticated writing. Most articles have more than 300 words, and sometimes they have more than 1000. It is based on an interview, research, explanation, analysis, or report, and it is based on facts. It has a tone that is professional and smart. It is checked by a team of editors or reviewers.


Blogs are written in a casual way, without interviews or research. It has hints, lessons, opinions, tools, and so on. Blogs are usually less than 300 words and sometimes less than 1000 words, which is less than articles. Any blog can be written and posted by the writer without the need for an editor.

Style and length

The biggest difference between a blog and an article is the way they are written and how long they are. Blogs can be between 300 and 1000 words long, but most articles are much longer. Says SEO Company in Karachi Depending on the publication, an article is usually between 1500 and 5000 words long.

Blogs are usually written in a very casual way. It’s often short and doesn’t have a lot of hard-to-understand words. The goal of an article is to be like a piece of literature written in a journalistic style, while the goal of a blog is to get the point across using everyday language and terms.

By understanding the differences between writing a blog and writing an article, writers will be better able to reach their intended audience. There is a need for both, and the people they serve can even overlap. However, knowing which kind of content to offer goes a long way toward making sure your writing has the effect you want. The key is to make sure that what the reader wants is what they get.

Personal Opinion

Aside from “op-ed” pieces, most articles try to stay away from personal opinions. They are based more on news stories, facts, and numbers. But blogs often talk about things from a personal point of view and rely less on facts and reports.

For example, an article about the new Union Budget of India will include comparisons to past budgets, statistics, and the thoughts of many different people. A blog about the budget, on the other hand, can just be the author’s thoughts on the new budget.

SEO Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps content reach more people and is one of the main reasons why blogs and articles go viral. SEO keywords are used to build blogs, and the writing is often changed to include the same keywords. For example, if a blogger wants to write about Manchester United Football Club, he or she needs to use key terms like “Red Devils,” “Mourinho,” or “Man Utd” in the post. On the other hand, an article doesn’t need to have SEO keywords. Even if the article is posted on the internet, SEO keywords aren’t given too much attention. Even if the article is posted on the internet, SEO keywords aren’t given too much attention.

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