MUTUAL FUNDS CONCEPT and disadvantages of mutual funds

What Are The Disadvantages of Mutual Funds Investing

What Are Mutual Funds?

By offering investors to invest across the different classes of assets, mutual funds pooled money from various investors. Assets management companies provide such services as mutual fund investments; they charge fees for offering such investing schemes. On behalf of investors, professional and well-experienced fund managers manage the funds of investors. Sometimes professional teams will also be add for the management of funds. Investing in mutual funds is safe as it is register with the regulator of the stock market SEBI (Security Board Exchange of India). In India, serval types of mutual funds schemes are offer, such as tax saving, debt, equity and fixed maturity periods. Pheraphas, there are advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds that rely on schemes chosen by the individual. 

What Are The Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

Before choosing the scheme type of scheme, one must have to do complete homework. Such as which funds suits you the best. Will you select equity funds, ETFs, and a close-ended scheme? Also, one needs to check his risk-taking capacity and how much he needs to invest. Because there are various disadvantages of mutual funds which can’t be ignore. Below the list of each disadvantage of mutual funds is mention.

Fluctuating Returns

 As we know, the amount of returns in mutual funds is not fixed or guaranteed. One should always be prepared for the eventual differences between returns, including the depreciation value of your mutual funds’ investment. In other words, we can say that mutual funds investing include a wide range of price fluctuations. And it is impossible to cover the loss that occurs due to the bad performance of your funds by professional fund managers. 

No Control

 Fund managers are the one who controls all the invested funds. In many cases, team analyst supports the funds’ managers for good funds management. Consequently, managing your investment cannot be done by an individual as an investor. However, examination of your funds can be done by disclosure norms, corpus and the strategy of investment followed by an Assets Management Company (AMC).


When it comes to diversification then, it is considered the essential advantage of mutual fund investing. However, on the other side, due to the increase in the operating cost of funds, diligence and diluted increase in the demand make diversification the disadvantages of mutual funds.

Past Performance

 To indicate the fund’s companies’ past performance, introduce themselves by just showing their advertisement and ratings. Always note that if the company performs well in the past and gives higher returns, it is not fixed that it will also provide the same robust performance in the future. As an investor, you must check the version of funds and make the right investment decision. If making a decision becomes difficult for you, then visit the Stock Market Institute in Delhi and get some expert help which makes your decision suitable.   


 Based on market conditions, your mutual fund’s investment fluctuations happen. Further, the fees are charge by a professional fund manager for managing your funds. Hence, when taking an exit from funds, you must also pay some fees. In the case of direct buying stocks/funds, there is no need to pay an extra fee for professional management. 

Fund Managers

 Per the expert’s guidance, one needs to do self-research on the investing schemes. Because sometimes the “so-called” start and well-experienced funds managers also make mistakes in investment. Also, as a star fund manager, there might be chances to join another company, which may increase the risk on your funds due to management changes. Always follow the performance of fund houses rather than depending on the start fund manager management process. 

The Bottom Line 

In every investment vehicle, it is easy to find out the advantages and disadvantages. In the case of mutual, this is similar. There are both advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds investing. However, once you check the disadvantages of mutual funds, check out the right ways to minimize them by doing good research. Disadvantages of any investment type can be minimise just making a proper investment plan.

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