Easy Ways to Create a Stylish Cloakroom Suite

The cloakroom is the first place your guests see when they walk into the house, so it’s important to make sure it looks its best. After all, you want them to have a good impression of you. If you think it is not up to the mark, you may consider a makeover. But it may not be easy unless you know how to approach it. Whether You are looking to add a new colour scheme or install new coordinated looking bathroom fittings and fixtures, a cloakroom suite can offer a perfect solution for it. 

It is simply a set of two or more bathroom fixtures that has the same design, size, and colour. Today I will be sharing with you some tips to freshen up your cloakroom to make the space feel lighter and more welcoming. 

Plan, Plan, and Plan

Nothing can work with a good plan. Therefore, you must always start with a plan, whether it is a complete makeover or a few touches to make your cloakroom suite look better. It becomes even more important when you are working in a small space like a cloakroom. The first thing you will need to do is to develop ideas. When space is small, you would want to make use of every inch, and that’s what you should be doing. The planning to make better use of space. 

Decide About Your Style. 

One of the first things that should be in your mind when looking for a cloakroom suite idea is the style of small bathroom that you are looking for. It is challenging since you will only have little space to work with it. So, you want to create a balance between personal preferences and the style you want to incorporate in the space. However, sometimes it may become confusing to know the type of style you are looking for. Therefore, experts recommend answering a few questions to help you clear your thoughts. 

  • Do you want wallpaper on the wall or paint on the cloakroom walls?
  • What colour combination do you prefer? Think about brighter colours for a small space like a cloakroom?
  • What personal preference for style do you want to incorporate for decoration?
  • What colour bathroom fittings and fixtures do you want?

The main idea is that you should work on your own idea and never be afraid to experiment with it. After all, you want your guests to show off your personal taste through small bathroom décor. Therefore, you will need to work on what you are looking for in terms of style.


What Fixtures do You Want in the Cloakroom?

When it comes to the cloakroom, you don’t have many bathroom fittings and fixtures choices due to lack of space. However, you can still make a lot of an impression with the types of fittings and fixtures you choose. The toilet and a sink are the main choices the must-have choices for the cloakroom suite. But you will need to look for the various styles and types to choose from. You can add more items depending on your needs and available space. 


  • Toilet.

    When it comes to the cloakroom, you should choose a toilet that can best fit into your space. That means you will need to prefer one type of toilet over the other due to its space saving features. One of the most space saving options for you is a wall hung toilet. It is floating-style toilet that fits into the wall. Nothing under the toilet bowl makes your small bathroom look spacious. Another option may be a back-to-wall toilet or short projection toilet that both stands on the floor. 

  • Sink and Vanity Combo.

    If you have a cloakroom, that does not mean it will not need bathroom storage. The best option for it can be a sink and vanity combo. That integrates both into one single unit. It is a small cabinet in floating and freestanding style with a sink fitted over it. We again recommend a wall hung vanity unit here as it offers a more space-saving option for the cloakroom. 

  • Combination Units.

    The sink, vanity, and toilet combos can also be a space-saving solution for all your small bathroom needs. It has everything you need for a cloakroom fitted into a single unit, making it a lot easier and more economical for you to make better use of space. 

Positioning Your Cloakroom Suite

In addition to choosing the right cloakroom toilet and vanity sink unit for your bathroom, it is also important to fit them in the correct position. It will help you to get the most out of their space saving features. For example, a corner in your small bathroom can be a suitable position that can be used to fit a sink, storage, or even toilet. However, you will need to find the right fixture that you fit into there. It can be the most convenient position in terms of space saving. Moreover, you can decide on a one side wall and fit all your bathroom fittings and fixtures along the wall. 

Final Thoughts

Cloakrooms usually can be very dull and uninspiring. But a makeover can make all the difference. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your small bathroom, consider adding some colour with paint, a new cloakroom suite, including a toilet, vanity sink unit, or other decorative accents. You can also add some personality by including a touch of personalization in various ways. A few new hooks on the wall, a new coat of paint, and a new rug will make a huge difference.

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