Everything You Need to Know About Medical Transcription 

The person who converts physicians’ audio recordings into written format is referred to as the medical transcriptionist. Medical transcription is one of the many careers in the healthcare field. If you are interested in a healthcare career, this is one of the best options. As a medical transcriptionist, you will have to format documents according to healthcare standards.

Additionally, you will need to cross-check the documents for grammar and spelling mistakes. It is your duty as a medical transcriptionist to ensure that all patient and doctor’s records created through dictation are accurate and precisely written.  This article focuses on the essential requirements to be attained for one to be a qualified medical transcriptionist. Read on to find out more. 

What are the Requirements of the Medical Transcriptionist?

Like any other career, a medical transcriptionist must meet the requirements to be considered a qualified individual. Below are the four requirements that candidates must have.  


Education is a mandatory requirement. You must attain the minimum educational requirement for this career, like having a high school diploma or GED. If you have the required academic requirements, you are allowed to progress towards certification. An associate degree specializing in medical transcribing is among the acceptable certification forms. The accreditation is attained after two years. 


There are specific pieces of training that an individual must go through to become a medical transcriptionist. The training comes in different forms, and it can be through a degree, online programs or an in-person course from a certified institution.  Most of the recommended online courses offer practical knowledge, technical training and certification in a period not exceeding six months.

The training includes learning the usage of dictation software, enhancing typing skills and understanding medical terminologies.  The individuals who may have taken the online courses may be required to seek an internship. Through the internship, they will have practical experience prior to a job application. 


In many states, transcriptionists are prohibited from working unless they have a medical transcribing certificate. Getting the certificate is quite easy, as you can obtain it through specific online courses, medical facilities or universities. There is no specific duration for acquiring the certificate, for it can be between 6 to 18 months. In some states, medical transcriptionists are free to work without a license; it will be wise if one researches the local regulation before applying for a job. 


In medical transcription, you need skills to help you complete the daily transcription tasks. Here are the skills that one needs to have to complete transcription tasks. 

Medical Knowledge

One has to be in a position to understand and be able to interpret advanced medical vocabulary and terminologies. Medical transcriptionists can transcribe recordings quickly and precisely only if they are familiar with the terms. Although many transcriptionists use medical dictionaries to enhance their knowledge, employers prefer candidates with extensive vocabulary skills. 

Typing Skills

Typing is the other skill that one needs in this industry. Most medical transcriptionists are paid based on words. Your typing skills will determine the amount of money you will earn. Additionally, when typing, you have to avoid typos at all costs. In the medical field, there is no room for error; therefore, you have to be accurate.

Computer Skills

Medical transcriptionists need to have skills in using specific computer software, like audio file editing tools, Microsoft Word and word processors. These tools are crucial as they enable them to communicate with their bosses and complete the tasks within the required time frame. 

Attention to Details

Here transcriptionists need to have the ability to listen to the files carefully so that they can transcribe what they hear. The documents need to be edited to be free from errors. Once you are attentive, you will be in a position to succeed in this sector.

Writing Skills

To be a qualified medical transcriptionist, you must excel in grammar, spelling and syntax. In the medical industry, common mistakes may lead to serious consequences. Therefore you need to be accurate and possess good writing skills. 

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