Explore The Steps Involved In Gojek Clone App Development

It is time that you launch your very own Gojek Clone app because in 2022 every business is online, so why not you? It will take you only a couple of minutes to go through the entire app development process and eventually kickstart your business. So, read through the blog to find the 5 easy steps to build a successful app that offers 82+ on-demand services. Trust me, your customers will be left speechless once they try out this app. 

Let’s begin!

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Gojek Clone: 82+ On-demand Services in One App  

Do you want to know how to launch a Gojek-like app? Well, those who are new here, these apps are similar to the original Indonesian Gojek app. They offer multiple services under a single roof and make millions and billions in profit. Follow these steps if you want to launch a super app like Gojek

     1. Find out the perfect White-labeling firm 

The white-labeling firm is where you can get the clone app script of the app. It is crucial to find only an A-class firm because only then can you guarantee a quick success in this competitive market! This is the checklist you can use to find the perfect firm. 

  • They should have a 10-year-long experience. 
  • The firm must offer a FREE demo app trial. 
  • They must sign up for a strict NDA or Privacy Policy. 
  • The firm must provide you with a lifetime licensed source code for at least one domain. 
  • Their product should be high-quality. 
  • They should deliver the product in a record 1 – 2 weeks!

    2. Try out the Gojek clone demo app 

Next, try out the demo apps for FREE for as long as you want to. Taking the trial will give you a broader understanding of the app’s workflow, what customizations you want, and what to integrate. 

At this point, you can also note down the color theme you want, where to place the name & logo of the company, etc. 

    3. One-on-one with the Project Manager 

The Project Manager is basically the mediator between the entrepreneur and the app development team. The Project Manager is the right person to discuss your requirements, get suggestions, and even ask for the Scope Document.

Once the discussions are over, the manager will prepare the Scope Document. This single document contains all the details of the deliverables and the entire breakdown of the cost of the clone script. 

    4. App development starts! 

Here, your Web and app development will begin. Now once the entrepreneur makes the decision and purchases the Gojek clone script, the team will begin the work. In the next 3-4 days, your app will be up on the firm’s development server! Well, the app developers use the entire week to change the color theme of the app, integrate components of your choice, place the company’s name & logo, etc. 

At the end of the process, the app developers will upload the final apps to the firm’s development server. There, the entrepreneur will get access to the apps and therefore, conduct their review! 

    5. Launch the app 

Lastly, the team will launch the apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store after the entrepreneur asks them to move ahead with the launch process. The team can also launch multi-services app on the Huawei App Store if you want to! 


Wrapping up, I’d only say that the sky doesn’t always remain blue. So, grab the chance while you still have it and launch the world’s best Gojek clone app in no time! It takes only a week to become an entrepreneur these days! 

So, I’d highly recommend you to connect with a licensed and well-recognized white-labeling firm today!

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