Facial Recognition System concept.

Face Verification vs Face Recognition and Their Advantages

Face verification was designed to be a deterrent for data theft and to speed up user onboarding, even though it is now a fun way to unlock your smart gadgets and play dress-up. It can be a wise decision to integrate facial ID verification into your Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification system. Some of us have forgotten the background and overarching role that face verification plays in anti-money laundering (AML) and digital identity security as it becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives.


Difference between Face Verification and Face Recognition

Face recognition:

You may be traversing Times Square on foot or seated at Wembley Stadium. CCTV and facial recognition software are scanning the crowds and comparing faces to a database of known or suspected criminals. You are unaware of whether or when face recognition will be used against you. Choose not to participate in it is not possible. Don’t directly gain anything from it in terms of yourself. No idea how the pictures are used, distributed, or saved, you will get to know.

Facial verification:

You’re at home, seated. You need to apply for a visa so that you can go soon. You turn on your laptop or take out your phone to access the government visa service. To confirm your identification, simply scan your passport or driver’s license using the device’s camera. Then you look at your face. The use of facial recognition technology verifies that you are a genuine person who is now filling out this application and that your physical face matches the one on your ID. You are aware that facial recognition is being used. Decision to take action is needed. You will directly gain from this (you get to go on your vacation).

Face verification and face recognition are terms that are frequently combined and used interchangeably to denote the same thing. But in reality, the two technologies and the purposes for which they are used are very unlike and require distinct analysis. There should be a significant public discussion regarding the morality of using facial recognition for surveillance as well as the demands for clarification and restrictions on its application.  This Face verification, however, is not the same thing.

Face verification’s advantages

Face verification is based on machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, and when applied properly, it has a lot of positive outcomes. A recent push into blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise face verification and digital identity security. There are many advantages to employing face verification even without the use of blockchain.

  • improved security systems for law enforcement
  • safer internet
  • improved image quality thanks to camera autofocus
  • smoother onboarding for customers and users
  • Age confirmation
  • Electronic KYC
  • improved handling of digital identities

In general, the convenience of not having to remember passwords or find keys

In actuality, there are numerous applications for face recognition and advantages associated with face verification. Our personal data security and business practices are significantly improve. By the simplicity of not having to recall passwords and the connection of worldwide ID verification. We can authenticate IDs in real-time thanks to real-time identity verification. So by Saving lives that would have lost to human trafficking. And so safeguarding the weak in our society. KYC Verification is also use like facial verification.

Even if we adore the apps that use facial recognition to unlock phones. Make goofy expressions, and play games. One of the main advantages of face verification is mean to be better digital identity management.Digital identity security become difficult due to unsafe face recognition applications. Moreover, cybercriminals are crafty, therefore it won’t be long before your child’s biometric traits can be use to access adult accounts using his aging features.

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