Features of Healthcare and Doctor Appointment like Practo

The approach toward health and medical assistance has completely changed in the past two years. From visiting the medical experts personally to consulting over call, now the medical assistance is just a call/text away. Expert Doctor appointment platforms like Practo, ease the process of booking medical assistance with a simple design and user-friendly graphics. 

Statista research claims that by the year of 2025, the mobile health market is expected to be $50 billion. A recent survey shows that 43% of patients prefer to book medical appointments online and 57% search online to find a nearby healthcare provider. 

Undoubtedly, online healthcare apps are the future of medical assistance. Pandemic has opened the entryway of chance for every one of the people who are keen on entering the clinical business.

Primary Features of Hospital Appointments like Practo 

There are certain features, without which the functioning of the Healthcare App is not possible. In Practo apps, The features are divided into the three panels – Doctor, Patient and Admin Panel. 

The basic feature of the application is divided into three parts:

Doctor Panel  

Designed to manage all the functionality related to doctors, like accepting appointments, deciding schedules, consultancy, and writing online prescriptions. 

  • Introduction – Details about the clinic, hospital, types of doctors and their expertise. Time slot about the availability of doctors based on the requirement. 
  • Login – Keep the login process short and real quick. Integrate social media or the option to login via using the phone number through OTP. 
  • Doctor’s Profile – Create a profile of the doctor with basic information, professional experience, speciality and charges along with the time slot for the appointment. 
  • Appointment Management – The doctor panel must have a feature that allows the doctors to manage, check or cancel or track the status of appointments. 
  • Telemedicine – Telemedicine is a very important feature of the online doctor appointment as usually customer demands to consult a doctor before visiting the clinic. 
  • Customer Data Management – To provide accurate treatment to the patients, it’s important to manage the patient records, and medical and family history. CDM helps to find early symptoms of the deadly disease in patients. 
  • Payment Modules – All the payment-related functionality is handled by the Payment Modules, like invoice, payslip generation, payment options, payment history, taxes, fee calculations etc. 
  • Online Prescription –  Online Prescription is one of the biggest benefits of the online doctor’s appointment app. Patients can forward the prescription to the online pharmacy or telemedicine services involved in the same app to get the medical kit at their doorstep. 

Patient Panel 

To manage all the actions taken by patients on the application and to keep a record of all the activities of customers. 

  • Patient Profile – All the basic information like number, address, age, name etc. 
  • Search Filter – Search eases the process of finding any services on the app by writing keywords directly. Like doctor for heart, physician etc. Make sure you are making it dynamic to simplify the information a user wants to find on the app. 
  • Appointment Management – All the booking, rescheduling, cancellations every action taken by the patient is a monitored here to keep a track of all the customer’s activities. 
  • Payment – Payment options to manage all the transactions done from the customer end. By integrating the different third-party payment options, apps can ease the process of transactions with top-notch security. 
  • Tele-conferencing – Online consultations are beneficial for patients as they can resolve all their concerns on chat/call instead of going through the long exhausting process of consulting with a doctor. 
  • GPS Tracking – Help patients easily locate the clinic, hospital or doctor’s location. Moreover, if your app also provides pharmacy services, then they can track their order status. 
  • Push-Notifications – Push Notifications are the best source to keep your patients updated about their appointment or new updates/features in the application. 
  • SOS – One Touch Ambulance Call is a must-have feature in the patient panel. The apps should provide such medical convenience to the patients to assist them in the case of an emergency. 
  • Medication Tracker – Online prescriptions are way more helpful since. They contain in-depth information on medications, names, and their usage. 
  • Support – The support system of such apps should be strong, as not all patients are tech-savvy and a small mistake can have a permanent effect on the patient’s health. Customer support systems can assist all the patients and resolve all their concerns. 

Admin Panel 

A panel solely designed to manage all the activities of the patients and doctors/services providers at a common platform to avoid any sort of fraud. 

  • Manage Users & Doctors – To manage all the activities of both doctors and patients.
  • Content Management System – CMS is  the responsible for all the content posted on the online doctor’s appointment app. 
  • Analytics – To analyse the data pattern and manage the patient’s health with predictive analysing in real-time. 
  • Marketing Tools – For the branding of the online appointment app to reach out to the targeted audience. 
  • Modes of Communication – Multiple modes of communication, video conferencing call or chat options as per the patient’s comfort.
  • Notification Module – To keep the app users updated about new changes and to track their health. 
  • Report Generation – A must-have feature in the online doctor appointment app. If there is any test done via the app, all the reports will be available on the app. And help the doctor assist the patient accordingly. 


Hence, only experts like RG Infotech can develop a doctor appointment booking application with their expertise and years of experience in the same. If you are planning to operate a digital medical assistance platform, it is the right time. 


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