Fireplace Glass Doors Are An Attractive Necessity

Unlike other fireplace additions, which are just decorative, fireplace doors have a practical purpose and may improve your fireplace’s efficiency and safety while still being aesthetically pleasing to use.

The Real Story Behind Those Glass Fireplace Doors

Homeowners who neglect to install fireplace doors run the risk of seeing hundreds of dollars disappear up the chimney. One analogy would be having a window that is completely open. If you left a window open, all of your home equipment would be forced to work more to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house. Even if your chimney or flue has a damper that may close it off, this will not stop air from circulating or stop heat from escaping.

This issue may be remedied by installing fireplace doors, which serve as a barrier, close off the aperture, and prevent heat loss while also preventing air drafts. Not to mention that when the firebox is not in use, they conceal the mess that it creates since, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” Installing doors on your fireplace can not only help you save money and energy, but it also has a number of other advantages. Let’s dive into it right now…

What is the function of fireplace doors?

Doors for the fireplace are an excellent investment that will help you maintain a clean fireplace and maintain the safety of your house. But how exactly do they function? Doors for fireplaces are often made of glass or metal and are used to close off the entrance to the fireplace. Once the flames have cooled down, locking the doors may prevent embers and sparks from escaping and flying into your house and increasing the danger of harm.

Because the major supply of oxygen will be cut off due to the fact that the building is closed at this time, the fire will be extinguished somewhat more quickly. As you surely know, you can’t shut a damper ( until the fire is fully gone (coals are cold to the touch). Fireplace doors aid here by closing up the aperture even while the damper needs to stay open.

How might glass fireplace doors contribute to an improvement in the fireplace’s overall energy efficiency?

The closed doors of the fireplace serve as a barrier when it is not being used, preventing the normal flow of air through the space. A wide-open fireplace or chimney is similar to a window in that it allows heat to escape in the winter and cool air to escape in the summer. 

As a result, your home’s appliances work harder, and your energy bills go up. Installing doors over the opening of the fireplace is a straightforward method for preventing this flow of air and improving the fireplace’s overall performance.

Are the glass doors of the fireplace open or closed?

Doors should be kept open throughout the burning process in the majority of circumstances. To begin, lighting a fire with the doors shut is a potentially risky practice.   The rapid accumulation of that much heat might cause the heated glass to break, splinter, or even explode, depending on the severity of the situation. 

By leaving the doors open while the fire is burning, the excess heat may escape, and the doors are prevented from reaching temperatures that are too high for them to withstand. Be certain to read the material packaged with Watson’s custom fireplace glass doors to ensure you’re following all safety precautions.

This general rule does include several notable exemptions, however. Wood-burning stoves that can be used with the door closed or special (expensive) ceramic glass doors that can tolerate greater temperatures than tempered glass doors are examples.

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Glass doors used in fireplaces significantly cut down on cleaning time

By collecting ash, cinders, and wood chips and safeguarding the fireplace surrounds, fireplace glass doors may reduce or eliminate the need to clean up falling debris, bark, cinders, and ash smudges caused by floating ash. Installing a screen made of mesh in the fireplace provides an additional layer of safety when burning.

How should the glass doors of the fireplace be cleaned?

Soot quickly dirties and clouds fireplace doors, and that soot is baked on with each fire. Standard glass cleaners used in most homes are not only inadequate at cleaning tempered glass, but they also pose a risk of scratching or corroding the surface of the glass. 

The heat of the fire is increased by the fireplace’s glass doors

In order to start burning and to keep burning, fire requires oxygen. Keeping the doors to your fireplace wide open while you light your fire can assist to provide a steady supply of oxygen, which is necessary for getting the fire started. After it has been ignited, you may keep the fire going by varying the amount of space your door(s) allow.

Wider openings allow more airflow, which might cause a good fire to burn dim, tiny, or die out. By closing the doors ever-so-slightly, you may reduce the amount of air entering the room, which will result in a larger, more attractive flame that produces more heat.

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