Four Surprising Signs Related to Your ADHD

There are several things that you might be doing that you don’t know but can be related to your ADHD. So, if you know that you have ADHD, you should read on to better understand how your ADHD could be impacting you. 

You Are in Waiting Mode

Think about this scenario: you have an appointment later in the day and you cannot help but feel stuck about the meeting or appointment. You cannot start something else until that one appointment is completed. 

The distraction of a potential future event can hold you frozen until about some time, which can be an hour or half an hour before the actual event – when you will go into panic mode. You can feel anxious and overwhelmed by the appointment, which can happen for many reasons.

But – many of the symptoms linked with ADHD are to blame. To be absolutely sure that you are indeed dealing with ADHD, you might want to get an Evaluation of ADHD so you can be absolutely sure that this sort of time blindness is just another part of it.

You Tend to Procrastinate Sleep

You can be exhausted and actually nodding off while scrolling through your phone or while watching television – and still, you might not want to go to bed. Usually, this happens because you are a dopamine seeker, and the kick that you get from watching your favorite show or doing the thing that makes you happy – is greater than the potential reward of getting a good night’s sleep.

The fact that you have to wait until tomorrow to resume the episode of your favorite show and get that reward isn’t a quick enough gratification, which is why you will try to postpone it until you can – sometimes at the expense of your health. 

You Experience Sensory Sensitivities

Another surprising sign of ADHD that you may not know about is sensory sensitivities. For instance, you can feel irritated by overhead lights. Itchy tags and clothing can make you feel uncomfortable. Annoying music in the background can be another thing that might irritate you.

These are just a few of the things that can overwhelm you to the point that you might lash out or shut down. Usually, these signs are part of your ADHD because you naturally struggle with self-regulation transitions apart from being disorganized, distracted, or rushed.

Having extra stimuli around you can magnify your already-existing ADHD symptoms, which is why all the extra things can feel like a trigger. 

You Struggle with Switching Tasks

While you might get bored with routines – you might struggle with switching tasks because if you are enjoying the things that you are already doing – you aren’t going to give up that dopamine hit so easily. But also, because you struggle with juggling multiple tasks – it is going to be difficult for you.

Also, when someone pulls you away from a task before you have the time to complete it – you can feel like you are juggling two tasks now. Switching tasks can feel incredibly hard, which means you really have to fight to get things going.

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