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Gojek Clone: Choose Multi-Purpose Over Single Purpose Apps?

Multi-service apps like Gojek Clone Brazil are a necessity today. Mobile apps solving a single purpose or providing one service are oversaturating. This oversaturation is becoming a problem on its own. Single service mobile apps are dead! Looking at these issues from the standpoint of a business, it is true that single-purpose apps are nowhere to solve multi-faceted needs. Therefore, we can clearly state that today, multi-service apps are ruling the industries, and why not? 

Single Service Vs. Multi-service Mobile Apps in 2022 

Why did we say that single-service apps are an issue? Don’t these apps solve the purpose better than anyone else? That may be true, but don’t these apps just provide “one” thing to the world, where these days, a single app is offering 82+ services? 

For instance, Uber Eats is the best food delivery app we know. You can order your favorite dishes right to your doorstep. You can look at the menu from different restaurants, apply the discounts, and select from multiple addresses. But that’s all that you can do with it. What about other functionalities like delivering parcels and shopping for groceries? Each of these single service apps works to solve one problem that the customers face. 

Here’s the Best One-stop Solution for Your Business 

Gojek Clone app Brazil is the one-stop solution that your business needs. Why? Well, because it offers a stunning assortment of 82+ on-demand services. The top-most services that you can get from this app are: 

1. Online taxi booking services

Your customers can easily book a taxi, rental, shared ride, and even moto rides here. Before sending the ride request, the customers can see the actual fare they’d have to pay from the X to Y location. This makes it convenient for them to travel on a budget. 

2. Online video consultation 

After the pandemic, people are reluctant to step into the crowd or visit public areas like a clinic, schools, gyms, etc. until it’s very urgent. Therefore, the app has integrated the service of online video consultation. Herein, the customers can consult with doctors, tutors, yoga instructors, lawyers, and even astrologers over a video call.

3. Service bidding

Bid for service is the latest service of the Gojek Clone App in Brazil. The customers have to post a task for the local handyman like plumber, carpenter, house painter, electrician, etc., and confirm the service request. The local handymen who are interested but want to negotiate the price can then start bidding. This virtual negotiation goes on until both parties enter a win-win situation. 

4. On-demand service providers 

With a robust multi-service app like Gojek Brazil, you will enable your customers to book professional services. Your customers can hire beauticians, car washers, babysitters, mechanics, etc. for at-home services and even book an appointment at the provider’s location. Isn’t that great? 

5. On-demand deliveries from the store 

Today, everyone needs an app through which they can order food, groceries, medicines, flowers, bottled water, medical marijuana, and so on. Apart from ordering, the customers can also choose to get a standard doorstep delivery, contactless delivery, or set it to be a takeaway order. 

Additionally, there are two more service components your customers can enjoy through this single app – parcel delivery, delivery genie, and delivery runner. 

In brief, having a multi-service app provides you with extensive benefits. From the financial standpoint, you have to invest in a single platform that in return, earns you heavy income! Moreover, your customers will be happy to get everything they need on a single platform. They no longer have to switch between different apps and install a new one for every service. 

In Conclusion: 

On a concluding note, I’d say it’s essential to have an on-demand multi-service app on every surface. Not only does a single app with 82+ services save phone storage but it also eliminates jumping between apps.

So, get the Gojek Clone app Brazil, and integrate bundles of valuable features and services that will bring a huge commission for you!

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