Engagement Ring for Women
Engagement Ring for Women

Guide to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Women in 2022!

You’re engaged! It’s about time to start ring shopping! Crazy exciting times include buying an engagement ring and gearing up for the proposal. Remember that an engagement ring is usually a considerable expense, so ensure you do the right thing. Through this blog we are providing information’s about the engagement ring specially for women or new couples. Who are looking for unique design and antique collection of ring.

So please read the article at the end you will definitely reach a conclusion.

This extensive guide is key to finding the perfect engagement ring for women, whether you’re scouting out circles together or heading out to shop solo.

Narrow Down the Shape of Ring

A diamond shape is important when shopping for an engagement ring because it affects the price per carat. The most expensive cuts are round, whereas pear and marquise are less so. If a size is essential, you can get more carats at a better price when you choose a better shape. You should have one (or two) favourite ring cuts in mind before shopping for an engagement ring.

Choose a Metal for the Band

Yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum are traditionally used to make engagement rings and wedding bands. But in recent years, rose gold has become a popular, modern alternative. Although platinum may look similar to silver, it is much more expensive because it is denser and rarer. Before deciding, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle—as well as budget, of course—and if you want stones set in the band(s).

Get Measured Correctly

Ensure you both get your ring fingers properly measured to avoid a ring that’s cutting off your circulation or, even worse, so lose it’s at risk of falling off. You should feel snug but comfortable when shopping for engagement rings together. If you are not shopping for engagement rings together, get sizes from a jewellery store and exchange the sizes with each other.

Consider How your Engagement Ring Look with Your Wedding Band

Although getting caught up while shopping for the perfect diamond is easy, the engagement ring is only one-half of the equation. Your wedding band, which is the tangible symbol of your marriage, is the oft-overlooked another half. Think about the style of wedding band you would like to go to. Some engagement rings might not allow a wedding band to fit rightly against them. This is why it is essential to consider the whole package before committing to an engagement ring style.

Always Buy Certified

Designer engagement rings for women are life’s most expensive purchases, so take your time shopping smartly. Make sure you buy a certified stone from an accredited dealer, such as the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. Professionals warn that diamonds certified by other labs can have inflated grades, giving customers the illusion of a great deal when they’ve gotten a lower-quality diamond.

Ensure the Certificate Matches the Diamond

Most diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle. Check with the jeweller’s loupe, as many have inclusions, so you can look at the diamond and see if you match the imperfections to the map on the certificate.

Negotiate Like a Boss

Engagement rings are marked up well beyond the necessary margins. She recommends purchasing a ring from a reputable jeweller—someone willing to work within your budget and get the best per your requirement.

Head to the Wholesale District

To avoid unnecessary markups, you should consider shopping at a non-traditional diamond retailer or wholesaler. A wholesaler or private retailer like myself can work with customers one-on-one to create a ring specifically for them. Moreover, since you do not have the traditional overhead retailers, you can save with huge discounts, getting the best bang for your bucks.

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