Hire Professioanls for BOC-3 Registration Services

A BOC-3 file is a federal document in the United States that appoints a process server to receive legal documents on behalf of a transportation or logistics firm in each state where the company is permitted to conduct business. Before a logistics or transportation company is permitted to operate, a BOC-3 file is frequently necessary. Only the process agent may file the BOC-3 registration in the case of motor carriers, and the filing must be done electronically.

Expect to Include the Following Details When Submitting your BOC-3 Form On the FMCSA Website

  • The carrier’s full name and address (or broker or freight forwarder)
  • The street address and the SOP agent’s name, either alone or collectively, for every state

A blanket designation identifies a single organization or company that will serve as the applicant’s process agent in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This designation is made on file with the FMCSA.

BOC 3 registration

BOC-3 Registration

To get operating permission and to keep an active operating status, all interstate approved for-hire carriers operating under their authority must have a current BOC-3 form on file with FMCSA. The form includes a list of registered process servers for every state who will accept legal documents served on a motor carrier by a person or organization from a state other than the carrier’s base state. Become compliant with the BOC-3 from Foley Carrier Services, a Blanket Legal Entity for all 50 states that offer the official names, addresses, and phone numbers of processing agents in every state. Registrar BOC-3 does not take a long time it would be according to you when you file a form after that process started.

Choosing The Best Process Server

When choosing a registered agent service provider for BOC-3 registration. Seek out specialists with experience serving legal documents in the transportation sector. Who can guarantee the quick and secure handling of official documents. There are numerous providers to pick from but look for a genuine partner who goes above and above the law and offers tools and notifications to help you remain on top of crucial compliance obligations without additional service fees. Additionally, it is beneficial to have agents on call around-the-clock with a private location that guards your privacy and keeps process servers away from your place of business.

boc 3 registration

Time a File Form BOC-3 Takes

The FMCSA will give operating authority and ship the paperwork to you once. The BOC-3 form has been correctly filled out and submitted electronically. Operating authority paperwork is typically delivered in 3–4 working days. In case more working days have passed and you did not get the paperwork. You can connect with or in touch with FMCSA. Visit the FMCSA Licensing and Insurance website to see if your operating authority has been issued. In case of the name change, authority transfer, or the other scenarios where you need to resubmit your BOC-3.

Agent Fee

Depending on the services you seek, a licensed and experienced BOC-3 agent. May charge you as little or as much as. Simply change the price based on the services you require. Others charge a one-time fee for a BOC-3 file. While some professional SOPs charge an annual fee as well as additional fees for each document they handle. You can obtain the BOC-3 form in three to four business days after completing it . And online submitting it to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once it is prepared, FMCSA will issue an operating authority and mail the document to you. You must file paperwork if you alter your company’s name or other information. So, you can hire a expert to get BOC 3 services for your business.

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