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How Much Does It Cost To Launch An On-Demand Service App?

2022 is the best time to launch the on-demand multi-services app. If you have researched this idea in a little depth, you may know that you’d be creating an app that offers 82+ on-demand services. Now, developing such a complex mobile app means that you’d have to spend a lot of money and put in much time. Well, you are absolutely wrong! In this modern-age era, things have paced a little too much. Now, even building an application like Gojek Clone takes 1 – 2 weeks compared to 7 – 8 years! 

The Cost of Launching the Gojek Clone in 2022 

If you are planning to launch this multi-services app this year, and are stuck with the thought of budget. Then let me tell you about the most budget-friendly way to develop and launch a Gojek-like app. 

Purchase the clone app script! 

Purchasing the script of the clone app is the best and the most inexpensive way to kick start a multi-service business without having to rob a bank! Entrepreneurs can also build the app from scratch. However, the latter option is far more expensive. Besides being a money-consuming process, there are a lot of other differences too between purchasing the on-demand multi-service app script and developing the app from scratch. 

Let’s look at the differences! 

Purchasing the Clone App Script Vs Developing from Scratch

These are the differences that you were looking for! 

1. The cost 

As already mentioned, purchasing the script is less expensive than building the app from scratch. Why? Well, the script is basically pre-built! This means that the base app is already been made. On the other hand, when developing from scratch, the entrepreneur has to spend a separate amount on developing the design, coding it, and finally perfecting the multi-services app. 

2. Human resources 

The human resources needed to purchase the script and develop the app is minimal. Moreover, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about it at all because the white-labeling team will take care of it. Conversely, when building the Gojek Clone app from scratch, the entrepreneur has to dwell on the process of recruiting and hiring a dedicated team for:

  • UI/UX designing
  • iOS app development
  • Android development 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Marketing 

3. Technology stack 

Another important aspect of developing a complex app like Gojek is the technology stack used. The pre-built app is already made with the best stack on the market. However, when building the app from scratch, it is the entrepreneur and the supposed technical head who have to first find out the best technology and then use it to develop the app. 

This does take up some finances and you need to purchase the software and even other tools before you can start building! So, add this to your list of expenses if you wish to build the app from the ground up! 

4. Rent out the premises to work 

Now, since you are purchasing the clone app script itself, renting out an office premise won’t be necessary. Whereas, if you are setting up a company and working as an official team who’d build the Gojek Clone, then it is important to rent or buy an office. Because, it is where the entire team will sit together, develop, and finally launch the app. 

In short, the cost of developing a Gojek-like app from scratch can move over a quarter to a billion dollars! But to purchase the clone app script or the pre-built solution, entrepreneurs only need to invest in a four-figure amount!


To conclude, I’d only like to say that purchasing the  Gojek Clone App will be the best decision of your life. Not only you’d save money during the app development process but also, earn a heavy amount of profits from the same. 

So, get the pre-built multi-service solution today from a well-recognized white-labeling firm!

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