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How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The most common question from personal injury victims is, “How much am I entitled for the damage?” Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It depends on a variety of factors all playing can equal role. The amount of the settlement loan is determined by the severity of the accident and the amount of future and present loss he has suffered. Personal injury attorneys with experience can examine the specifics of a client’s claim and estimate the case’s value. 

If you were in a life-threatening accident that cost you a lot of money. For example, if you are in a car accident and suffer severe physical or mental harm. There is a settlement for car accident cases, and you can seek it in court. In this guide we will guide you through all the processes and how much is your injury claim worth in court.

How to Determine the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim?

The amount of damages involved determines the value of a personal injury claim. In most cases, the party found to be legally responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries pays compensation. Let us now look at the factors that are taken into account when determining the settlement loan.

Non-economic vs. Economic Losses:

The plaintiff’s losses typically fall under one of two categories of damages, special damages or general damages. These serve as the basis of their claim in the majority of personal injury cases. 

Economic damages, also known as special damages, cover both present and future monetary damages. These expenses are typically based on sums that are recorded numerically along the way. Economic costs may include the following:

  • Hospital expenses to cure the injury 
  • Land damage  
  • Loss of salaries for absence from work 
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses

Non-economic damages, also known as general damages, are more difficult to quantify because they typically take into account both physical and psychological harm. This can refer to the plaintiff’s physical trauma and distress.

Non-economic damages include the following:

  • Loss of pleasure  
  • Psychological trauma
  • Loss of companionship

What Kinds of Damages Affect the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim?

When determining the amount of a personal injury claim, the following main compensatory losses frequently play a significant role. Also, your settlement amount will be based on these factors. As every accident is different, its settlement amount also varies with every different condition. 

  • Medical Bills

Personal Injury Claim

This figure represents the total cost of bills for medical treatment, even if you did not pay anything out of pocket at the moment you were treated. Counseling and nursing services may be included in medical bills.  If your injury will necessitate long-term treatment, you should also keep track of an estimate for probable future hospital bills.

  • Emotional Anxiety

In addition to physical suffering and discomfort, you may want to pursue compensatory damages for mental anguish if your injury has caused you emotional trauma. Typically seen in more severe accident instances, emotional distress caused by an injury can manifest as:

  • Anxiousness 
  • Sadness 
  • Stress 
  • Sleeplessness

But it boils down to the emotional trauma caused due to the incident. If the condition is severe the opposite party has to pay for the treatment.

  • Income Loss

Personal Injury Claim

During the settlement, income losses are also considered beforehand. If the person has to stay home due to the injury, all the financial losses are covered.  In addition to the present losses, future losses are also taken into account. For example, the money a person could have earned if they haven’t met with the accident.

  • Damage To Property

Any private possessions that were ruined or lost in the accident should be valued before repairs. In car accident situations, property damage to vehicles is frequent. These damages are to be included in the list of belongings that are ruined and need to be repaired.

  • Out Of Pocket Expenses

You may be permitted to charge for additional expenses. The cost of transportation, if due to an injury you are unable to drive. You can charge for house help or a maid if you are not able to perform the tasks. 

What Is The Average Settlement Cost?

When people visit their lawyers, this is the most frequently asked question. People understandably want to know how much money they can receive following a car crash or other injuries. The truth is that we are unable to provide you with an average amount of compensation. Everything is dependent on your specific situation. Even if two people experience the same injury, their outcomes could be very different. It all depends on their individual lives and circumstances. Naturally, serious injuries will result in greater average settlements.

Insurance Loan And Settlement Loans

Personal Injury Claim

For the settlement process to start you need to request it first. Although it is their job to pay for the damages, it is not an easy task. You must begin your bargaining with the appropriate amount. While the insurance provider is shooting for the ground, you must aim higher. This is how negotiations work. You’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle, but you have to assert your claim to the money you’re owed first.

What About the Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit for Compensation?

Personal Injury Claim

If you and the insurance company have failed to settle. At this point, you have to bring the case to a small court for further proceedings. But before that, it is necessary to know the state’s law regarding this matter. If you have missed the state deadline you cannot ask for compensation. For instance, settlements for car accidents have a period of 30 days. If you have not taken your case to the court in the given time period your case will not proceed.  You must keep an eye on the state’s law regarding settlements.

Take Away

Personal injury settlement amounts differ from state to state. It is preferable to follow the entire procedure under the supervision of an experienced lawyer. The legal team can help you take the right approach and reach a favorable settlement that compensates you for your losses.

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