MacBook Keyboard
MacBook Keyboard

How to Address Common MacBook Keyboard Issues

If you’re experiencing MacBook keyboard issues like sticky or unresponsive keys? Try shutting down, cleaning with compressed air, and gently wiping sticky keys. For unresponsive keys, restart and check for updates. However, for professional help, contact Tech Zones, your trusted MacBook repair London shop.

If you have a broken or malfunctioning MacBook keyboard and you are facing these common issues, then read till the end of this blog because we’ve covered all of the frequently occurring MacBook problems for you to assess your problem and resolve it.

How Can You Sort Macbook Keyboard Problems?

If you need help with your MacBook keyword, here’s what you have to do if you face the following issues.

Sticky Keys and Debris

If the keys on your MacBook keyboard are not registering what you press and are sticky, it is mostly because of the dirt and debris collection. To clean them, you should do these steps.

  1. Shut down your MacBook.
  2. Use compressed air to clean the dust from the keyboard.
  3. Next, you should slowly and gently clean the keys with a soft cloth.
  4. Lastly, restart your MacBook and test the keys to see whether they are functioning correctly or not.

Unresponsive Keys

If some keys on your keyboard are not responding at all, then follow these steps.

  1. If the problem continues, restart your MacBook.
  2. Check for updates or any keyboard-specific updates.
  3. Install the update if there is any.
  4. If the problem stays unchanged, contact your local MacBook repair shop in London.

Dropping Liquid On The Keyboard

Did you, by accident, spill some liquid on your keyboard? Worry not. We know liquid on your keyboard can lead to some major issues. That’s why, to help you with what to do in this situation, we have made you a list of the following steps.


  1. The first thing to do is turn off your MacBook immediately.
  2. Then, please pick it up and tilt it.
  3. Next, let it dry for two days.
  4. Then, after the time passes, turn it off and see if any trouble occurred due to the liquid or not.
  5. If there is some issue, reach out to a professional MacBook repair service in London.

Backlit Keyboard Issues

If the backlight keyboard on your MacBook is not functioning, then follow these steps.

  1. Go inside the system preferences.
  2. Check the backlight settings of your keyboard.
  3. Update the system to make sure there are no software issues.
  4. If the problem stays the same, contact the best laptop repair shop in London to resolve the issue.

Mismatch Of Key Results

Are some keys on your MacBook keyboard registering incorrect keys or other keys? Then do this.

  1. Confirm that your key layout settings match your region.
  2. Try using an external keyboard to check whether the problem is related to your MacBook’s keyboard or not.
  3. Contact experts in your area for a keyboard replacement.

Physical Damage

If your MacBook keyboard is broken or has experienced some physical damage, do this first.

  1. Handle your MacBook with proper care to avoid any further damage.
  2. Make a call to your local Macbook repair shop in London to get your keyboard replaced ASAP.

Slow Keyboard Response

Your MacBook’s keyboard is the main element that you use to carry out your tasks on your laptop, but what if it is responding slowly? Your slow, responsive keyboard can slow you down, so here’s what you can do to solve this issue.


  1. First, close all the unwanted apps running in the background of your MacBook.
  2. Check for system updates and activate it if there is any.
  3. If your keyboard is still responding slowly, then take the advice of experts from your local MacBook repair shop service in London.

Expert Solutions for MacBook Repair in London

Are you looking for a good laptop repair service in London? Visit the Tech Zones shop or page now and get started with the repair process. Don’t let keyboard issues slow you down, and continue with your tasks with your professionally fixed MacBook fast.


If you get proper guidance, then addressing your MacBook’s keyboard issues can be super easy. All you have to know is that a few keyboard issues can be taken care of at home, but the majority are different from your cup of tea. In that case, you should contact experts at a MacBook repair shop in London and get your MacBook keyboard issues resolved in no time. Happy repairing! 

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