How to Boost Your Cell Phone’s Battery – Tips By Experts From Mobile Repair Shops

Modern Phones have large, brilliant displays and high-end, power-hungry features. In this blog, you will learn how to get the most power out of the battery. Most of the suggestions are listed below with the help of experts from well-known mobile repair shop in Fresno. A variety of causes can explain your Android device’s short battery life. Manufacturers are adding stronger batteries to compensate for the negative effects on smartphone batteries caused by thinner bodies, better screens, quicker processors, more background applications, and high-speed internet connections. Flagship cell phones provide all-day battery life, but there are still many things you can do.

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Ways to Boost Your Phone’s Battery – Suggested by Mobile Repair Shop’s Expert Technicians

Here are some things you can do right now to boost your cell phone’s battery life.

Power Saving Mode

Do you expect to be in a situation where your device’s battery must survive longer than it usually does? Turn on power saving mode to reduce the usage programs that could drain the battery. Head to Settings, click on Battery, tap “Phone Care” on your Samsung mobile, and then click “Battery.” When power saving mode is activated, the Restrict apps and Home screen settings restrict all background activities to just a few pre-selected apps for optimum power savings. You may be presented with various power-saving settings for older versions of Android, each of which has a different ratio between functionality and battery life.

Limit Brightness

Large, bright phone screens are battery drainers. Most likely, you do not even need to use the highest brightness setting on your smartphone. Open your display settings and lower the screen’s brightness. Additionally, you may use the pull-down menu and adjust the brightness there.

When you’re at it, think about turning off auto brightness. Although it adapts to your perceived demands, this feature has the potential to make your phone’s brightness higher than it should be. Your eyes (and batteries) will appreciate it if you switch off the option next to Adaptive brightness.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy handset, go to Settings > Lock screen and turn off the Always on Display switch. If you do not want to remove the feature entirely, you may tap it to adjust it to display it whenever you tap the screen.

Screen Time Out

The more battery life is consumed, the more your device’s screen is on. By enabling the display to turn off earlier than it would typically, you can prevent this. You should change this feature if you frequently leave your unlocked smartphone on a table. You can choose from a range of choices, from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, by opening Settings > Screen > Screen timeout on both Samsung and Pixel phones.

Wireless and Location Services 

There are numerous signals that your smartphone sends even while it is not in use, which might eventually deplete the battery (even a little at a time). You can disable a few core services if you desire the most power possible but wish to enter Power Saving mode only partially. The battery life is depleted for each new notification you get from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile internet. Open the pull-down menu on your smartphone, then hit the Airplane power switch to save some battery quickly. Your smartphone will immediately be disconnected from all these services, and some battery will be saved.

Limit Background Processes

Apps running in the background deplete battery life even when not used.  Of course, with time, this will drain your battery immensely. On your Samsung mobile, you can put inactive applications to sleep under Battery options. Select Background usage limitations, then turn them on. To prevent applications from draining your battery, put inactive apps to sleep.

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Visit Your Nearest Mobile Repair Shop in Fresno

Nothing works? A serious battery issue may need to be examined by a professional. Don’t waste time; take your phone to your nearest mobile repair shop in Fresno. Luckily, Fresno is home to the repair business. There are numerous trustworthy mobile repair shops here, including CellPros Fresno. Their experts can fix all your battery issues in no time.


Can a mobile repair shop access my phone’s data?

Taking security measures on your own is a better choice since there is always a danger that the repair shop will gain access to your private information.

Can I repair my phone by myself?

According to your smartphone, your degree of technical knowledge, and your skills, you might be able to carry out some fixes properly or at least temporarily get your mobile working. However, it is not recommended.

How long would it take the technician to repair my phone?

Repairs typically take 30 to 40 minutes. But it all depends on the cell phone model you have.

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