How to Choose The Best TV Providers in USA?

People look for reasonably priced packages and the variety of channels offered when they look for a cable service provider. However, the list does not end here. There are a lot of other things that individuals consider as well. One of the most prominent features that people consider is customer satisfaction. For them, it is very important that they do not have to struggle for a query to be answered.

However, not every cable service provider has good customer service to offer.

4 TV Providers with Satisfied Customers

The cable service providers under discussion are

#1. Xfinity

#2. Cox

#3. Spectrum

#4. Frontier

Now, let’s have a look at how satisfied do the customers feel to have subscribed to the services offered by these cable service providers.

Factors that Contributed towards Customer Satisfaction

These are the factors that people look for in a cable service provider. And our 4 picks of the service providers all meet these conditions. That is why they have a growing and happy customer base.

  • Signal reliability
  • Channel selection
  • Installation and setup
  • User experience
  • Monthly bill
  • Overall value

All the above-mentioned factors join to give customers the satisfaction that they are looking for. Although customer service is a separate factor as well. But many things are responsible for the satisfaction of the customer. It is not easy to please them. Talking of which Cox cable packages come to mind. Although Cox is not available in many states, the package that the company offers never fails to please people.

Let’s discuss each factor in detail…

Installation and Setup

When it comes to installation and setup, every consumer wants a hassle-free process. They want things to be done as smoothly as possible. An ideal situation would be where the equipment including the router or DVR is easy to set up. A not so ideal but convenient situation is when a technician has to come to help you to set up the equipment. As far as cable services are concerned, it is not a difficult task to set up the equipment. Ask the DIYers. They will tell you that they prefer the self-installation kits. As far as the four companies in question are concerned, they come with the self-installation kit. This acts as a sigh of relief for many.

Now moving on to the next factor that people consider.

Channel Selection

Channel selection varies from one service provider to the other. It varies based on the packages. The fact that not every company offers the same number of packages is a considerable thing. Because of this, the selection of channels varies from one cable service provider to the other. If you have a look at cable packages, they will be different from what Spectrum has to offer.

For your information, the following is the number of packages that each company offers:

  • Xfinity offers three packages- Starter, Preferred and Premium.
  • Cox offers three packages- Silver, Bronze, and Gold.
  • Frontier offers three packages- TV Prime, TV Extreme and TV Ultimate.
  • Spectrum offers three packages- TV Select, TV Silver, and TV Gold.

As far as the customers’ satisfaction is concerned, Xfinity ranks at #1 with a score of 4.15. Spectrum has a score of 4.07. Frontier gets a score of 4.05. While Cox ranks the lowest in channel selection with a score of 3.98.

With this, we now move on to the next considerable factor that contributes towards customer satisfaction.

Signal Reliability

What irritates the customers the most is the inconsistent signals? A poor signal can frustrate the hell out of a user. As far as the quality of the signal is concerned, Xfinity is the most reliable. The company gets a score of 4.14. This is followed by Spectrum which stands at 4.01. Frontier is next on the list with a score of 3.99. While Cox has the least reliable signals with a score of 3.95.

Customers’ Overall Satisfaction

We will rate the factors out of five stars for comparison purposes. For overall satisfaction, Frontier ranks at number one with a score of 4.00. Xfinity that has a score of 4.00 too shares this position. Then Cox comes at the second spot with a score of 3.93. And Spectrum grabs the third position with a 3.91 score.

Getting a high rank in overall satisfaction implies that the customers were satisfied with more factors for a given TV provider than the other.

As is evident from the results that Cox ranks at number 2 in overall customer satisfaction. However, if you want you can look for Spectrum TV packages or Frontier deals to make an informed decision. An ideal situation, perhaps,  would be to compare the various aspects of a cable service provider before making a purchase.

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