How to Get Galerius Elected in the Forgotten City

To set Duli free, Galerius must be elected as Magistrate in The Forgotten City. Use this guide to learn how to accomplish this.

Players must complete a laborious process in The Forgotten City to elect Galerius as Magistrate in order to retrieve the plaque from Duli’s cage. To access the “canon” and ideal conclusion, it is necessary.

How to Get Galerius Elected in The Forgotten City

The following 5 procedures must be followed in order for Galerius to be elected as Magistrate in The Forgotten City:

  • Make Malleolus withdraw from the election.
  • Save Iulia.
  • Save Ulpius.
  • Save Fabia.
  • Find the harasser of Vigil and treat them.

Once the players have finished these five stages, they must instruct Galerius to finish them in a different time loop in The Forgotten City. As a consequence, Galerius is elected as the next Magistrate by 4 of the 6 eligible voters.

Getting Galerius elected and acquiring Duli’s plaque is necessary to gain the greatest ending in The Forgotten City, albeit each of these five tasks takes some time and effort. With as few spoilers as possible, the remainder of this tutorial will describe the precise procedure for carrying out the tasks.

How to Save Yourself by Persuading Malleolus to Abandon the Election Fabia

Players must reveal Malleolus’s secret in order to get him to withdraw from the race and persuade Galerius to run. To discover Malleolus’s secret, follow these steps:

  • Take the message from the dead assassin’s body and stop him in The Forgotten City.
  • 2000 Denarii will do to bribe Domitius into letting you into Malleolus’ mansion.
  • To learn Malleolus’ secret, give Claudia, his wife, a bottle of wine.
  • Present the evidence to Malleolus and request that he withdraw from the race.

Once this has been done, players must convince Galerius to pay Malleolus off in order to secure Ulpius’ support and then deal with the assassin to save Fabia’s life. Georgius, Fabia’s buddy, will support Galerius in the election when Fabia’s life is saved.

How to Escape The Forgotten City with Iulia and Ulpius Safe

Players must first liberate Iulia and free Ulpius from Malleolus’ slave debt in order to save Ulpius and persuade him to vote for Galerius. Steal the silphium resin bottle from Desius’ booth in the marketplace of the former Roman settlement of The Forgotten City in order to save Iulia, and then proceed through the portal to begin a new cycle.

Once a fresh loop has begun, ask Galerius to persuade Malleolus to withdraw from the election if he has already been revealed. Then swiftly return to the Apollon Shrine and provide Lucretia with the silphium resin that will heal Iulia.

Then, hurry to Ulpius in front of the Great Temple, which is at the very top of the city, and persuade him not to commit suicide. Players must know that Ulpius had a love relationship with the lost Sentilla in order to do this, and Iulia must be saved. Ulpius must be released from slavery by paying 2000 Denarii, or the player or Galerius must bribe Malleolus to liberate Ulpius and Iulia.

In order to convince Ulpius to support Galerius, it’s critical to convince him to save Iulia and Ulpius in a fresh loop.

How to Prevent Threats Against Vergil in The Forgotten City

Players must discover Vergil’s harassers identity and then provide them medication to treat their sickness in order to persuade them to stop threatening him. Explore every space in Aurelia’s bar to learn who they are. Players will finally identify the harasser by examining every item.

The key to the chest at the Shrine of Apollo must thereafter be obtained by players. Acquiring the Golden Bow after getting the bow in The Forgotten City will let you do this. Alternately, it may be found in Naevia’s chest in her tavern room.

Show the medication to Lucretia by revealing the contents of the shrine’s chest. Now that the harasser’s suffering has been lessened, he or she can be persuaded to cease bothering Vergil. Once this mission is finished, Galerius must provide the medication to the harasser in a new loop to secure both Vergil’s and their votes in the election.

The Forgotten City‘s Golden Bow may be used to transform algae and vines into gold, albeit getting the key from Naevia’s quarters is quicker. It is advised to obtain the key to the chest in this manner since this skill is required to obtain another plaque.

It’s advised to at least once experience the eerie mystery of The Palace, one of the most unforgettable scenes in The Forgotten City.

Ask Equita to call the election when all of the aforementioned stages have been finished, and Galerius will then be chosen as Magistrate. Players will eventually be able to get one of the four plaques once he releases Duli. If players want to obtain one of the finest endings, all this time will lengthen the time it takes to complete The Forgotten City.

For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, The Forgotten City is currently available.

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