How To Have A Clear Idea Of PMP Certification Cost?

The exam fee, training fee, study material expenses, and practice test simulator cost are the major components of PMP Certification Cost. The Project Management Institute (PMI) charges a fee for the PMP exam, which is standard around the world. Other than the exam price, costs vary per country. The test price in India is approx. INR 42,863, while the training expense ranges from INR 8,000 to INR 18,000. The most expensive components of obtaining the PMP certificate are the PMP test price and training cost.

Examination fee

The PMP final examination price is a set cost for everyone taking the exam from wherever in the world. PMI registered members do get some benefits here, but they must pay approx. $139 in registration fees before applying for the PMP exam. For registered PMI and non-registered members, the fee is approximately $405 and $550 respectively.

Training and Preparation cost:

According to PMI guidelines, you must have completed 35 hours of formal training before taking the PMP test. This is a common mistake in project management where people are lack of their objective. Online training can cost as low as INR 8,000, but a live course might cost as much as INR 18,000 or even more. The cost of PMP certification varies according to the college you pick. As a result, anticipate spending at least 50,000 rupees, which includes the examination price and preparatory fee. In India, certified training schools offering PMP certification training charge between 15,000 and 25,000 rupees.

Practice Test

There are numerous free practice exams available on the internet, but you should invest in a paid exam because many of the free tests are of doubtful quality. One of the most crucial tools for passing the test on the first try is a simulator with numerous practice questions. An excellent simulator will not only test your knowledge but will also get confidence in you. To improve your chances of passing the test, you should invest in an excellent simulator. A decent simulator might cost anywhere between Rs.4,500 to Rs.22,500.


The PMBOK Guide is the key source of information for PMP test preparation. Although studying the PMBOK Guide is not required, it is beneficial for knowing PMI terms. One advantage of being a PMI member is the ability to acquire a free digital copy of the PMBOK Guide. If you do not feel comfortable with a digital PMI Blog, you can print a paper copy of it. A printed copy of the Guide may cost you roughly Rs.2,500. There are several test preparations books on the market. You can purchase any of them to learn the PMBOK Guide ideas in plain English.


The PMP is without a doubt the most sought-after certificate and qualification in the world. Unlike many other certificates that focus on a certain industrial sector or area, PMPs are sought after in a wide range of businesses. The effort and money invested in PMP certification are worth it. If you have decided to take the PMP, you should begin your preparation as soon as possible.

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