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How To Properly Pack For An Alcohol Recovery Center

Going into treatment for alcohol addiction takes courage. Overcoming addiction tests resiliency and provokes anxiety in those entering treatment. While a life of sobriety presents anxieties, putting one’s life on hold and moving into a rehabilitation facility is also anxiety-provoking.

Preparing for treatment requires completing a series of steps, including being admitted or enrolling in treatment, finalizing the financial end of things, and coordinating a ride to and from the facility. On top of these objectives, persons entering treatment also want to determine what they are allowed to bring. Rehabilitation centers have strict protocols regarding what you may bring with you. 

Many treatment centers offer packing checklists for patients to avoid accidentally bringing prohibited items. Patients are encouraged to follow the guidelines on the checklist, as bags are checked upon arrival. Continue reading for more information on properly packing for treatment at an alcohol recovery center. 

What To Pack 

There are different policies regarding what items you may bring to treatment. Depending on the alcohol recovery center you attend, the following items are recommended items to pack: 

  • A contact list of those you’d like involved in your treatment. Include basic contact information, i.e., (name, phone number, email, and location). 
  • Your identification information, including your method of payment for medications prescribed during treatment (debit card, credit card, etc.), as well as your insurance cards, driver’s license, and other requested forms of identification. 
  • Prescribed medications in their appropriate bottles (if liquid medications, bring them new and unopened). Provide a list of your prescriptions with dosage information for staff. 
  • An alarm clock without a radio 
  • A week’s worth of clothing that corresponds with the dress code 
  • Alcohol and aerosol-free hygiene and beauty products 
  • Books that meet the genres approved by your alcohol recovery center  
  • A journal, envelopes, and stamps 

What Not To Bring With You

There are some items to avoid bringing with you that you should be aware of, such as valuable jewelry. Stick to the essentials like your wedding ring, favorite watch, etc. Leave other jewelry and accessories considered nonessential at home. Although makeup is allowed, nail polish, remover, and synthetic products are prohibited. Playing cards and games are also not allowed.

The remaining items not to bring are the most obvious, such as alcohol and drugs, cleaning supplies, weapons, and anything concerning drugs, alcohol, violence, addiction, pornography, or profanity. Be sure to review your alcohol recovery center’s packing list of what not to bring before you arrive. 

For Miscellaneous Items, Call Your Alcohol Recovery Center 

Contact your facility’s admissions office to determine your center’s rules on miscellaneous items such as your phone, laptop, cigarettes, over-the-counter medications, bedding from home, etc. You may also locate this information on your center’s website. 

To Properly Pack, Keep It Simple, And Follow The Rules 

Packing for treatment at an alcohol recovery center requires compliance with the packing list provided by your specific center and your efforts to bring only the essentials. Follow the guidelines of your treatment center, and you’ll be all squared away.  

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