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ICSI stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI is a form of In Vitro fertilization(IVF) where a single sperm is injected directly into the mature egg

ICSI stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI is a form of In Vitro fertilization(IVF) where a single sperm is injected directly into the mature egg. This is done because before the fertilization takes place the sperm need to be attached to the egg so that the sperm can swim in the egg and it can fertilize it. But sometimes the sperm is not able to attach to the egg to do this ICSI is used. This procedure can be done in the Best IVF center in Jaipur, Mishka IVF which is very affordable and has the highest success rate.

What is the procedure of ICSI?

There are 5 steps that are done to complete ICSI.
The ICSI procedure with the mature egg which is gripped with the pipette. After this, a hollow and sharp needle is used to pick up the single sperm. When the sperm is immobilized then it is inserted into the shell of the egg and into the cytoplasm of the egg. When the sperm is injected into the egg the egg is checked for some days till it is fertilized.
After fertilization, the embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. After the transfer, the fertility specialist may do some tests to know the implantation and pregnancy have occurred or not.

Why is ICSI is done?

ICSI procedure is used in cases of male infertility where the patient has poor sperm movement which is also known as asthenozoospermia, a patient who has abnormally shaped sperm, patient with very low sperm count. If a man is producing sperm but he is not able to ejaculate the sperm then the patient is retrieved through testicular sperm extraction.
Male infertility is not only the reason to use ICSI. ICSI is used in these cases also:-
1. When the patient had taken the IVF process but no egg gets fertilized. In these cases when the next IVF cycle happens, ICSI may be tried.
2. If the frozen sperm didn’t appear active then ICSI can be used.

What are the risks of ICSI?

ICSI does not have any additional risks compared to normal pregnancy. The normal pregnancy comes with 2-3 percent of the birth risk. ICSI treatment carries a little more risk compared to normal pregnancy.
Male babies born with IVF are likely to have infertility problems in the future, this can be because of genetic reasons. These symptoms are very rare.

What are the benefits of ICSI?

ICSI can have a lot of benefits like:-

  • ICSI increases the rate of fertilization, when the egg is not able to fertilize, with the help of ICSI the egg fertilization has 70 to 85 percent chance that it will fertilize.
  • Patients who have taken the IVF process earlier but didn’t get the success, they can use ICSI which can increase the success rate of IVF. the ICSI process is also recommended for the couple where the male doesn’t have any fertility problems.
  • This process is best for male factor infertility if a couple is getting difficulties in conceiving because of male factor infertility where the issue is poor sperm morphology, poor sperm motility, and the patient has low sperm count.
  • Why is ICSI recommended?

    ICSI is recommended for those couples who had poor fertilization or no fertilization during the IVF process. ICSI is also done when the men have low sperm count, have poor sperm motility, have antispam antibodies, have poor sperm morphology.

    Cost of ICSI 

    The cost of ICSI differs on various factors like on the health care charges and if the first cycle didn’t then the doctor suggests going for another ICSI cycle. The ICSI cost is between 1,45,000 to 2,50,000.


    ICSI is one of the best procedure which can increase the rate of fertilization of the egg. However, there is no guarantee given that the fertilization will occur it depend on the egg that how it will react when ICSI will be done, but the ICSI is one of the best processes which makes the IVF process successful. If you are going through the IVF cycle and is getting no success in the process then go for ICSI which will increases the success rate of it. Mishka IVF, the best IVF center in Jaipur has the highest success rate in the IVF and has done many cases where ICSI has been used which have made the process successful.

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