Important Adult Circumcision Surgery Facts Everyone to Know

Some individuals might have had bad experiences with their surgeries because of untrained surgeons or non-certified tools. But this is not always the case, as many people have had successful surgeries. Still, men are afraid to have adult circumcision surgery because of false info. They need to gain the right information. This can be done by asking questions about the facts from surgeons.

Important Facts Concerning Adult Circumcision Surgery

There are certain facts that men wanting to have circumcision should know; so that they don’t get confused and back out from the decision. You can contact a circumcision clinic or medical center with this surgery facility to know about the following facts.

No Doctor Reference Required

It is important to acquire a doctor’s reference for some major surgical procedures. This referral is required because non-surgical ways of treatment have no effect. But in circumcision surgery, you can go straight to a clinic or surgeons and book an appointment.

No Hospital Admission Necessary

Many major surgical procedures require the patient to be admitted to the hospital a few days before the surgery. Adult circumcision is a minor surgery that requires no prior hospitalization. The patient can come on the day of the surgery and leave on the same day.

Minimum Pain is Felt

It is normal for patients to feel pain after every surgical procedure. The pain experienced after circumcision surgery for adults is minor. This is because anesthesia will be administered during the procedure and pain medications afterward. The surgeons will give the patients choices of different anesthesia.

One of the Oldest Surgical Procedures

The patients have to know that circumcision surgery is one of the oldest procedures that date back sixteen to seventeen hundred years ago. The reason for its origin is unknown, and at that time, it was just part of a religious or cultural tradition. But as science developed and the medical benefits were known

There is No Change in Penis Size

This is a misconception that many people have spread that the penis size will become smaller after the surgery. This has been debunked because the surgery removes the foreskin from the tip and not part of the organ. Another thing that has to be noted here is that the sensation in the penis has no effect.

Circumcision Surgery not Related to Infertility

Another fact that the patients should know is that this surgery doesn’t make men infertile. Infertility is all in the physiology of men. As discussed earlier, the foreskin is removed and not the penis, so the misconception about infertility caused by circumcision is out of the question.

Healing Period Is Shorter

Another fact that the patients should know is that the healing period for circumcision surgery is between three to four weeks, as the circumcision healing stages pictures suggest. This is unlike what some individuals have reported. If someone has been in the recovery period for longer, they might not have been taking care of themselves.

The Cost of Circumcision Surgery for Adults is Moderate

The cost of a circumcision surgery involves the surgeon’s fees, the anesthetist, the team of attendants, the tool used, the time spent in the clinic, and sometimes the cost of medication. These things can cost up to three to four thousand dollars, which is lower than other surgeries.  

Patients are Saved from Multiple Health Issues

Many people oppose the surgery because they think it violates basic human rights and the mutilation of the body. But this group doesn’t know the multiple health benefits this surgery gives. The adult circumcision surgery will reduce the risk of having STDs, STIs, UITs, Prostate, penile, and cervical cancer. Another point related to health benefits is that when men take care of their penis hygiene, these problems can be avoided.

These are some of the important points that will eliminate all confusions that have been spread, and men can have the surgery without any doubts.

Here are three questions that will further explain facts about circumcision surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they numb adults for circumcision?

During adult circumcision surgery, the surgeons use various kinds of anesthesia and numbing creams to make the penis insensitive to pain. Sometimes the numbing cream is used for patients afraid of injecting or inhaling anesthesia.

Can I do circumcision at home?

No, circumcision surgery can’t be done at home because the surgeon will not have the equipment and tools to handle a medical emergency. So, it is the best idea to have the surgery at clinics because of their facilities to make the procedure safe.

Is having no foreskin better?

Many uncircumcised men have difficulty keeping their penis clean because the foreskin covers the tip. So, after removing the foreskin, the patients could clean their penis. In this way, men can avoid several health issues.

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