Important tips before you choose to buy trilogy engagement ring

One of the most popular styles of engagement rings today is the trilogy rings. They have three main diamond stones in their ring designs and are absolutely gorgeous to look at. The main advantage of such a design is that is allows the customer to choose the kind of stones they want and customizes the ring to create something that is unique. A trilogy ring can have just diamonds or incorporate other stones as well. The three stones in the ring represent the past, present and future of the relationship and this beautiful meaning is one of the reasons why it is so popular. If you are planning to buy a trilogy engagement ring for your loved one then here are a few things you must consider.

Do your research

A trilogy engagement ring can have several designs and stones. It may cost you a little more than a diamond solitaire ring depending on the stones you choose. Therefore, it is always advisable to read about it on the internet and educate yourself regarding the different kinds of designs for trilogy ring. By doing this you will have a clear picture in mind regarding what you want or don’t want. Reading about the trilogy rings will also help you get an estimated cost for the ring.

Learn about the 4 C’s

One of the most important determinant of the cost of the trilogy diamond engagement ring is the diamond stones. The colour, cut, carat and clarity of the diamond influence its price and the price of the trilogy rings. For someone, who is buying a ring for the first time and is not very well versed with the 4 C’s of the diamond can get very confused regarding these terms. Therefore, read about them before you actually set out to shop for a ring.

Choose a reliable seller

If you are ever purchasing diamonds or diamond jewellery such as a trilogy diamond ring then make sure to buy from trustworthy and reputable sellers. There are lots of fake products in the market and you don’t want to get cheated especially when you are putting in your hard earned money to buy something special. Make sure the diamonds in your trilogy ring are authentic and certified by a reputed institution. Read reviews regarding the seller you want to purchase from because it will give you an idea of how their service is. Ask people for recommendations for sellers if you do not have anyone in mind.

Consider putting gemstones

There are a plethora of gemstones that are used for making jewellery apart from diamonds. Although diamonds are the preferred gemstones for engagement rings, don’t be afraid to opt for other gemstones for your trilogy ring if you are looking something different. You can also have a mix and match of diamonds with sapphires or diamonds with emeralds to create something unique. If you feel three diamonds is costing you a lot then opt for Hatton Garden lab grown diamonds for your trilogy rings.

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