Job perspective in machine learning in India

India’s job market for machine learning is rapidly growing, with opportunities in both enterprise and startup environments. The demand for machine learning professionals is growing exponentially with the increase in data and AI applications. The focus is shifting toward creating solutions to help organisations make better decisions and improve their operations. As India’s technology landscape continues to grow, the demand for experienced machine learning professionals is set to increase. You can earn lakhs with the proper guidance from a machine learning course in Pune.

Sectors with Driving Demand for Machine Learning Professionals in India

Organisations across a wide range of industries are now investing in machine learning to help them gain a competitive edge. The most prominent sectors that are driving demand for machine learning professionals in India include:

  1. Healthcare: With the proliferation of AI and ML technology, healthcare organisations are using these technologies to automate and streamline processes, improve patient care, and reduce costs.
  2. Banking and Finance: Banks leverage machine learning to detect fraud, identify customer behaviour patterns, and improve operational efficiency.
  3. Education: Educational institutions are using machine learning to develop innovative digital solutions for teaching and learning.
  4. Retail: Retail companies use machine learning to improve customer experience and automate marketing campaigns and supply chain operations.
  5. Automotive: Automotive companies are leveraging machine learning to develop driverless cars, autonomous driving systems, and predictive maintenance solutions.

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

If you want to take up a job as a machine learning expert in India, you need to understand the fundamentals of machine learning, data science, and programming. An undergraduate degree in an area such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, or engineering is a good starting point. However, some organisations prefer to hire machine learning professionals with postgraduate degrees in the same field.

In addition to the educational qualifications, you need to be familiar with the various machine learning tools, frameworks, and libraries, such as TensorFlow, sci-kit-learn, and PyTorch. You should also have experience in programming languages such as Python, R, and Java. Moreover, you should have a good understanding of big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark.

Salaries and Career Progression in Machine Learning

The salary of a machine learning professional in India depends on various factors, such as experience, location, and skillset. However, the average salary for a machine learning engineer in India is INR 6 to 8 lakhs per annum.

With the increasing demand for machine learning professionals in India, there are excellent opportunities for career progression in the field. Experienced professionals, such as data architects or scientists, can progress to senior roles. They can also take up managerial positions such as data engineering manager or AI/ML engineer manager.


With the right qualifications and skills, machine learning professionals in India have plenty of opportunities to pursue rewarding careers. If you’re passionate about using technology to solve complex problems and drive business success, then a machine learning job could be the right fit for you. The machine learning course in Pune offers quality guidance and trains you with the required skill so you can give your career a boost.

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