Know What Goes Down With The Best Prostate Surgeons

Finding your worsening health condition and finding the cause of that condition itself is nerve-wrenching until the results come about. Getting the reason and the next step puts everyone into a frenzy as that is where the real struggle starts. The struggle to the way to complete cure.

Though all the struggle taken will be worth it at the end of the cure, the stress can just delay the treatment’s effect. To avoid this, we should have only the best doctors treat us. Here is some basic information you need to know before consulting the best prostate surgeons.

To Find One

Finding the best one is the only place where you will struggle as the rest will be an easy process under their guidance. You need to find a centre that is buzzing with such talented surgeons and knows about their centre’s review for prostate cancer surgeries. Only if it is good, you should consult in that clinic. There are millions of healthcare centres from which you can choose and all of them are just a click away.

Learn about the surgeon’s previous cases and talk about your condition with them. Check your level of comfortability with a doctor before becoming their patient exclusively. It is never wrong to take a second or third opinion from other doctors as that helps you decide.

Most often, it is the multi-speciality clinics or hospitals that offer the right kind of treatment for prostate cancer. So check for such centres near you. A thorough and thoughtful approach will be reached at such centres and you will be more at ease knowing they are more accurate than other centres.

Surgical Process

Prostate cancer has two ways of treatment. The best prostate surgeons have unanimously decided on going for either of the two treatments depending on the facilities available to them or depending on the severity of the issue.

The treatment method for this cancer is called a prostatectomy. Prostatectomy, regardless of the path chosen, has the same final result. To remove the prostate and destroy cancer without any trace.

But the two methods of reaching this goal are:

  • Robotic Surgery: This surgical method is highly accurate and also has minimum invasion. Small incision tools and minimum cuts are required at the targeted area to remove the prostate away. The recovery rate is much higher for this procedure than for the other one.


  • Manual Surgery: Depending on the severity of the cancer growth, the manual surgery method is chosen. This is also accurate but the traditional incision and tools are used. The recovery rate is also slower as the incisions made are bigger in this case.

This process happens over two hours and is done under general anaesthesia. Post-surgery instructions are also given that have to be followed carefully. Ask your surgeon what goes on during the surgery so that your mind is at ease, knowing what is going to be done to you.

The general procedure is to start with the incision to access the prostate. The prostate is removed and the urethra is connected to the bladder. A catheter is connected to the bladder that allows urine to drain while the area heals.

Post-Surgery Instructions

The total recovery time is estimated to be 1 month and complete rest is required for 3-4 weeks. You will not be allowed to perform any strenuous activities during this period. Just after the surgery, the patient will be kept in the hospital for one night as part of observation and basic over-the-top medications will be provided to help the healing process.

The catheter can be removed within 7-10 days. If you are removing it by yourself, then make sure to get clear instructions from the doctor. At this time, the pathology results also come in and the doctor suggests further instructions and if there is a necessity for any further treatments.

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