Kumarakom-A place for getting the best memories on a trip

Kumarakom in Kerala is a paradise on earth because it covers unmatched natural beauty and charm. The destination has several lakes and backwaters that will mesmerize the minds of visitors. It is an ideal place for spending a vacation or honeymoon with loved ones to create the best memories. When making a trip to Kumarakom, it is wise for tourists to know the best things to do so that they explore them with ease. Whether it is trekking, hiking, boating, or angling, the place offers everything for visitors. 

What are the interesting things to do in Kumarakom?

  1. Aruvikkuzhi-A place to enjoy trekking 

Aruvikkuzhi in Kumarakom is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the trekking activity. It is a waterfall surrounded by sedimentary rocky outcrops and rubber plantations allowing tourists to witness more adventure. Tourists can trek up to the cascading waterfalls to view the nature and green foliage. Moreover, it is popular for nature walks that cater to the needs of tourists. 

  1. Vagamon hill station-Witnessing the beauty of nature

Vagamon hill station is one of the places to visit in Kumarakom because it allows visitors to access the natural beauty. It is 80 km away from Kumarakom and covers lush-green hills and breathtaking views. Furthermore, the forest area on the hill has sold cut rocks and pine forests that will mesmerize tourists. The beautiful cascading waterfalls and valleys let visitors experiencetrue bliss. 

Adventure seekers can engage in trekking, paragliding, or other activities to witness more pleasure. Another thing about this hill station is that it has a chain of 3 beautiful hills and each of them enables tourists to get a pleasant experience. It is a perfect place for doing meditation to relax the mind from stress and other problems. 

  1. Vembanad Lake-The right place for boating activity 

Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom is the right place for boating activity.The lake is the longest one in India and stretches over an area of 200 sq. km. Iteven hosts various boat races every year during the Onam festival. Furthermore, the lake has its sources in four rivers. Fishing is the main activity carried out on this lake, and tourists can for fishing on a boat with a guide. 

  1. Kumarakom beach to spend time in a peaceful environment 

Kumarakom beach is one of the must-see attractions because it allows tourists to spend time in a peaceful environment. Visitors who want to perform various outdoor activities can make a trip to this beach to experience maximum entertainment. The beach has several restaurants, and tourists can try local food items. Although swimming is allowed on the beach, visitors should perform the activity with care to avoid drowning. 

  1. Kumarakom Craft Museum 

Kumarakom Craft Museum has a wide collection of antiques, and tourists can explore them to learn more about artworks and other things in detail. It even allows visitors to buy local artwork and craftwork based on their choices. Spas on the beach offer Ayurvedic massages for visitors to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. 

  1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful sanctuary and a must-see place because it lets tourists access new as well as migratory birds. It is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers who want to spend a day with their families and others.

  1. Houseboat ride to get a great sailing experience 

A houseboat cruise is available for people who want to stay on a houseboat to cruise around the beautiful backwaters. The houseboats are well-equipped with modern facilities, and visitors can hire them for a few hours or a day to get a great sailing experience. They are ideal for spending valuable time with loved ones. Couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon or special occasions to ensure more privacy. 

  1. Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple 

Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple is a spiritual site where tourists can get the blessings of Lord Shiva. The temple has traditional architectural styles and murals which depict the tales of the mythological era. It hosts a 10-day annual festival with the procession of caparisoned elephantsduring March/ April months. 

  1. Jatayu Rock

Jatayu Rock in Jatayu Park is spread across 65 acres of land and is one of the places to visit in Kumarakom. The rock theme garden has been built based on the mythological character of Jatayu in the Ramayana that tried to rescue Sita from the clutches of the demon Ravana. 

  1. Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum displays a unique collection of quality driftwood sculptures of high artistic value. Rajji Punnoose, the founder of this museum, once picked the driftwood materials from the seashore and converted them into artistic wonders. The museum allows tourists to know the excellent artworks of the founder. 

Choosing exotic resorts in Kumarakom to ensure the best accommodation

When planning a trip to Kumarakom, tourists should choose the resorts that cater to their requirements in the accommodation process. Kumarakom Lake Resort Kumarakom offers the best amenities for guests when they want to make a memorable trip. Some of them include private rooms, private pools, traditional seafood, etc. The resort is ideal for visitors to enjoy the natural views and other things. It offers different packages for tourists, and they can choose the right one which fits their costs. 

Travel tips to Kumarakom 

  • Tourists should treat the local people with more respect while making a trip to Kumarakom
  • When choosing a houseboat for staying purposes, visitors should make sure that they follow the instructions including hygiene properly 
  • People should wear appropriate dresses while visiting temples in Kumarakom and know the local culture before making a trip
  • Boating and some other adventurous activities require more protection to minimize unwanted problems 
  • Most shops don’t have card payment options, and visitors should consider carrying more cash 
  • It is wise for visitors not to make any negative comments about the local people and their culture publicly
  • The nearest airport to Kumarakom is Cochin, and visitors can also reach the place by road

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