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How Do You Make A Cool TikTok Profile Picture?

Every TikToker needs cool pfp for tiktok, or aesthetic TikTok profile pics. An instantly identifiable TikTok profile photo makes it simple to find your specialty, attract other like-minded users, and gain more followers.

Although you can choose a nice image for your TikTok profile picture, an attractive animated cute TikTok profile picture performs well. As a result, we’ll show you how to use any GIFs or videos to make an animated and attractive TikTok profile photo online in this guide and provide you with useful tips and ideas.

JPG or MP4 as the format

You must save your PFP for TikTok as an MP4 video file since we want to make an animated profile photo for the social media platform. The minimum and maximum video lengths for TikTok profile images, respectively, are 3 and 6 seconds. Before you click the “Save” button on TikTok, you can shorten your movie if it is longer than 6 seconds.

Aspect Ratio: Square or 1:1

Although your TikTok profile photo seems to be a circle, we advise using a 1:1 aspect ratio when making the video portion in order to simply center your face or anime icon for the greatest watching experience.

How to Convert A GIF or Video into an Animated TikTok Profile Picture

Here, we utilize FlexClip, a free and flexible online video editor, to create a unique and captivating video for TikTok profile images. You may easily utilize it to submit your own video or GIF assets, or you can create scroll-stopping TikTok profile images using its 4M+ library of royalty-free movies and GIFs. Additionally, there is no software download required, and it is watermark-free.

First Step

Set the Video Access FlexClip’s Aspect Ratio and Duration. Click the “…More” icon at the bottom of the left menu. Choose the “1:1” aspect ratio. Set the video duration to 6 seconds.

Second Step

Your video or GIF assets can be uploaded to FlexClip. If you don’t already have the perfect one, go to the “Video” or “Photo” tab on the left sidebar, where you may enter keywords to browse through thousands of royalty-free films or GIFs. Then, click the “Picture in Picture” icon to add a video, or just left-click on a GIF to add it to the storyboard. After that, you can drag and drop it into the frame’s center.

Third Step

Preview and Export as an MP4 To export it as a 480x480P or 720x720P movie to your local PC, preview it first and then click the export option.

Fourth Step

Download the Video to Your Phone

To transfer your movie from a PC to an iPhone or an Android device, you can utilize the Google Drive app, Messenger, or any other program that is available. And save it to your photo album or camera roll.

Fifth Step

Alter Your Still Videos with TikTok profile pictures

On your phone, open the TikTok app. Click “Edit Profile.” Click “Change Video.” Choose your video. Then, click “Save.” Done. Now a GIF or animated video should be your TikTok profile photo.


Ideas for TikTok Profiles Pictures

Make an anime or funny TikTok profile picture for TikTok In a sea of TikTokers, TikTok profile images help viewers remember you and find your specialty by conjuring up memories from our youth. You can use FlexClip’s extensive GIF library to search for terms like “illustration,” “cartoon,” and more, then manually choose a lovely and amusing GIF to export as a video for your TikTok profile photo. Download TikTok profile pictures.

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