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15 Outdoor Living Room Ideas Perfect for Summer Nights

Whether you like to spend your summer getting a sun tan or you like to read a novel in your backyard under a tree, it is confirmed that summers and outdoor sitting go hand in hand. Spending your summer outdoors is also environmentally responsible instead of being kept in airconditioned rooms. 

While it is essential to spend summer outdoors, it is also almost impossible to spend long hours outside when you don’t have comfort. Building comfort in your backyard or garden is what will keep you out in the sun. That’s why interior and exterior designers are coming up with different ways to make outdoor living spaces as comfortable as outdoor ones. 

Brands like New Phase outdoor living are providing people with spaces that keep the charm of the summer intact while delivering the comfort of indoor living spaces. 

We have compiled some ideas to inspire you to update your outdoor living space for the upcoming summer. 

Pool House 

Having a pool gives you the luxury of enjoying this water sport without the hassle of going anywhere. But it is not enough; it will serve its purpose but not provide you with the comfort you are looking for. For this purpose, designers have pool houses. 

The pool house is the same as a living room but at the poolside. It has an entertainment unit, couches, and cocktail bar. One can swim in scorching heat and relax in the pool house during the evening. Most pool houses are equipped with a kitchen set up as well, so getting food from inside is not a hassle anymore. 

Nature’s Therapy 

If you want to spend your summer all breezy and healthy, start planting trees now. You can buy plants from your nearby nursery and decorate your living space. The more greenery, the better. 

Greenery is not just about clean air and soothing for your eyes; it is also suitable for attracting summer fauna. Being in the lush green area elevates your mood instantly, and the chirping birds give you soothing summer vibes.  

Being near nature will help you get the beneficial microorganism and strengthen your immune system. Covering your house with plants is an excellent way to keep the pollution at the least possible amount. 

Focal Point is essential

A focal point helps your outdoor living area look more organised and well-planned.  The focal point can be a swimming pool, a table or a tree. A swimming pool for summers is the best idea, but if you have space issues, you can put a table on it as well. A dinner table or a table with large centrepieces can be an excellent addition to your outdoor space. Choosing a focal point is not difficult, but choosing it per the style of the rest of the house can be challenging. 

Another option is to have a tree. A tree is the least costly and maximum benefit-giving focal point you can add, and it can be a fruit-bearing tree or a flower-bearing tree. If it’s neither, it’s still going to look beautiful and serve its purpose of being an eye-soothing focal point.

Part Essentials 

A Bar 

The bar is one of the few summer essentials that any other thing can never replace. That’s why when you are upgrading your outside space; it is a must to have a bar space. 

The party’s soul is a bar space with a proper wine cellar and chiller. An in-house bar will and drinking station will light up your parties. You can place bar stools and comfy chairs to make the station more welcoming. 

Mood Lighting 

Mood lighting is creating a boom in the interior design industry. With just a touch of correct lighting, the up-gradation of aesthetics is phenomenal. It is cost-friendly and easy to maintain, and that’s why loved by people of all age groups.  

But mood lighting is not just for parties; you can use it in your backyard to light up the area. It is good to have decks and pool houses to light up the shaded areas. 

Choosing the lighting according to your exterior furniture and overall aesthetics is essential. And it is advised to install the light away from the reach of children. 

BBQ Station 

BBQ is the cuisine of summers. And it is always done in the backyard or garden of the house. BBQ being a summer feast requires us to install its cooking station outside in the open air. So to prepare your living space for the coming summer season, it is important to build a bbq station. 

Building a bbq station needs other things as well. You will need storage space and an area away from where it can initiate a fire. Placing a table nearby is not a good idea as the smoke from the bbq station will not let your guest eat in peace. 

Depending on the space, budget, and average gathering size, you can build your bbq station as big or as small as you want. 

Water Body 

Talking about summer and including water is the wrong choice. If you have enough space and budget, swimming right in the middle of your outdoor space is good. But if you are lacki9ng budget, you have other options as well. 

Building a fountain is as beautiful as building a swimming pool, and it will provide a focal point to your living space and enhance your backyard’s beauty. 

To Wrap It Up 

Enjoying summer is not about going to beaches or partying all night; it is about resting and having peaceful, chill evenings with some people. The point is, whatever you choose must define you and your interests as a person. 

Choosing the suitable theme and aesthetics for your background is all about how you as a person see summers and how do you want to spend them. Consult New Phase Outdoor Living to discuss your ideas and expectations so that you can have a perfect summer in the outdoor area you want to spend time in. 

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