Physical Therapy to Support Pain and Stiffness from Working at Desk

It’s common to have tight shoulders, neck pain, and headaches when you work at a computer all day. If your setup isn’t ergonomic, this is only going to make the problems worse. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we provide treatment for patients struggling with back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more with the help of physical therapy in Lambertville, Fairborn, and Toledo. When your pain has become chronic, it’s time to get the help you deserve. While stretching at your desk will help, chronic pain from poor posture is going to remain if you don’t correct the problem.

Physical Therapy for Headaches and Pain

When you sit at a desk all day, it is important to get up and stretch periodically. Long hours spent looking at a computer screen, typing, and just sitting on one position is going to cause strain on your body. If you are dealing with back pain in Lambertville, MI, headaches, or neck pain, physical therapy can make a big difference. A physical therapist will take a look at your range of motion, and ask where you have pain upon movement. Treatment you receive here at PT Link Physical Therapy can improve your headaches, decrease pain, and get you back on the path to wellness.

Ergonomics and Your Work Station

It is important to have proper ergonomics when you are sitting at a desk all day. At PT Link Physical Therapy, we can teach you how your work space should be set up for maximum health benefits. You will want to learn exercises that stretch your body, and improve your posture. The right ergonomics can help decrease the pain, stiffness, and poor range of motion that this common in people who sit at a desk all day. Proper ergonomics are an excellent way to support your health, and will increase your ability to work without pain.

What to Expect in Physical Therapy

A physical therapist in Lambertville, MI, Fairborn, or Toledo, will take a look at your overall body and ask you questions about why you have sought treatment. You will go through an evaluation to measure range of motion, and asked about pain levels. You will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment goals, and a plan is developed to meet your specific needs. Throughout your time in physical therapy, you will work closely with your physical therapist to address questions, and improve your overall experience.

Your Commitment to Treatment with Physical Therapy

You are going to heal more effectively when you consistently do your home exercises, and you don’t miss any of your therapy appointments. Healing is progressive, and your home exercise program is designed to help you gain strength over time. When you are committed to the process, you will discover that your recovery is easier. Pay attention to the exercises you are taught, and ask questions when you have them. While you can recover from your pain and stiffness without the use of pain medication, this is going to require active participation on your part.

If you are searching for a physical therapist in Toledo, Fairborn, or Lambertville, it’s time to learn more about PT Link Physical Therapy. We are ready to talk to you about your treatment needs, and come up with a treatment plan that is right for you. Get the help you deserve, and get through your work day with less pain. Treatment with physical therapy can reduce or eliminate your pain, tight muscles, and poor range of motion.

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