3 Places to Learn about Canadian History in Toronto

Canada’s history is a long and wild ride that started before even America’s did since there’s evidence of human life going back hundreds of thousands of years here.  Whether you’re from Canada and want to get to know your country better, or you’re a tourist who wants to learn things about this great nation, Toronto is the place to land!

These are three places in the city where you can learn about Toronto’s hand in Canadian history and become passionate about the subject.

1- The Spadina Museum

Although this museum was once simply a home built by James Austin, it’s become a massive museum and sprawling tourist destination.  Operated by the city of Toronto’s Economic Development and Culture division, this location gives you the opportunity to see how people levied in the 1800s and explore what made this city such a thriving business location.  

This home is incredible, with details from floorboard to ceiling and enough history in it that you could visit multiple times and always find something new and fascinating. 

2- Royal Ontario Museum

If you want the best historic real estate in Toronto, it’s time to head to the Royal Ontario Museum.  This building looks wild from the outside, but on the inside is a comprehensive museum that walks you through the history of this city.  Not only does it guide you through the natural history, but it also takes into account the cultural growth and how art and science have influenced this city and country.  This museum is generally affordable, with tickets ranging from $14 to $20, and offers a view of Canada that’s as honest as it is beautiful.

3- Fort York National Historic Site

Built in the late 1700s, Fort York was a military fortification in Toronto.  This used to house members of both the Canadian and British militaries and has been here for over two hundred years to protect the locals who live here.  This fort was converted into a museum and historic landmark in the 1900s and given a second life as a walk through how people used to live and experience the world.

On the grounds, you’ll find countless canons, paths that have been walked for hundreds of years, and incredible details and pieces of history you can’t find anywhere else.  This is a fascinating walk through the history of this area and a reminder of how rough it was to start this country.  

How to Pack for This Historic Trip

When you’re packing for a good historic trip, it’s vital that you’re ready for a lot of walking and possibly a ton of outdoor time.  For the walking, you’ll want to pack an awesome pair of tennis shoes and a water bottle.  If you’re exploring Fort York, pack some sunscreen and sunglasses since these grounds are massive, and you may spend a surprising amount of time outside. 

Knowing Canadian History Is Vital to Building Its Future

Understanding history is something that takes patience and a willingness to unlearn misunderstandings or lies you may have believed when you were younger.  If you’re ready to change your perception of this nation, these are the top three places to learn about Canadian history in Toronto! 

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